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San Francisco 1977 [no label, 3CD]
Live at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA; April 8, 1977 (early and late shows). Very good audience recordings.

Thanks to kneesfudd for sharing these tracks at Dime.

Early Show notes (by kneesfudd):
- Very fine audience in small club (with some overload in this show only).
- Warts: Some distortion in loud passages where taper must have had levels too hot (this show only). #8 cuts and #9 starts late at tapeflip. Could use a bit of treble push in my opinion. Surely missed some dropouts but tapes were in good shape.

Late Show notes:
Could use a bit of treble push in my opinion. Surely missed some dropouts but tapes were in good shape. Tapeflip between 7 and 8 (no music missing).

unknown stereo cassette recorder & microphone(s) > master narrow stereo audience cassette > 1st generation Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Disc 1 (Early Show)
Track 101. intro & tuning up 1:18
Track 102. Something Magic 3:54
Track 103. Conquistador 5:19
Track 104. Nothing But The Truth 3:31
Track 105. Strangers In Space 7:55
Track 106. Grand Hotel 6:58
Track 107. The Mark Of The Claw 5:14
Track 108. Whaling Stories 3:52
Track 109. As Strong As Samson 3:13
Track 110. Pandora’s Box 5:50
Track 111. The Unquiet Zone 9:10
Track 112. A Salty Dog 6:58
Track 113. Wizard Man 3:52
Track 114. This Old Dog 5:46
73 mins

Disc 2 (Late Show)
Track 201. intro & tuning up 1:20
Track 202. Something Magic 3:49
Track 203. Conquistador 5:09
Track 204. Bringing Home The Bacon 4:22
Track 205. Strangers In Space 8:21
Track 206. Whaling Stories 8:28
Track 207. The Mark Of The Claw 5:14
Track 208. As Strong As Samson 5:17
42 mins

Disc 3 (Late Show contd)
Track 301. Simple Sister 3:05
Track 302. Pandora’s Box 6:36
Track 303. The Unquiet Zone 9:31
Track 304. A Salty Dog 4:53
Track 305. Wish Me Well 6:21
Track 306. Ooh Poo Pah Doo 4:39
Track 307. Wizard Man 3:30
Track 308. Well, I 6:54
46 mins

Gary Brooker – piano, vocals
Mick Grabham – electric guitar
Pete Solley – Farfisa organ, synthesizer, violin
Dee Murray – electric bass
BJ Wilson – drums

Click here for the tracks.

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The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song 2013 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the White House; May 22, 2013. Very good audio, ripped from PBS TV broadcast.

Pop music as we know it would be far different without the many lasting contributions of Carole King, who is more than a half century into her singular career as a songwriter, performer, and author. Indeed, this universally renowned and beloved figure has rarely been more active than during the last five years…

In addition to her continuously evolving musical career, King, who has lived on an Idaho ranch since the early ’80s, is actively involved with environmental organizations in support of forest wilderness preservation. To date, more than 400 of her compositions have been recorded by over 1,000 artists, resulting in 100 hit singles. Now 70 and still full of life, Carole King is without question the most successful and revered female songwriter in pop music history. – US Library of Congress

Track 01. Beautiful – Carole King 2:51
Track 02. Will You Love Me Tomorrow – Trisha Yearwood, Gloria Estefan and Emeli Sande 4:17
Track 03. Up On The Roof – James Taylor 4:31
Track 04. It’s Too Late – Gloria Estefan 4:13
Track 05. So Far Away – Trisha Yearwood 3:16
Track 06. The Loco-Motion – Billy Joel 3:34
Track 07. Cryin’ In The Rain – James Taylor and Billy Joel 2:50
Track 08. Home Again – Jesse McCartney 2:47
Track 09. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman – Emeli Sande 3:25
Track 10. Obama Presentation 3:47
Track 11. Carole King Speech 2:23
Track 12. Jazzman – Carole King 3:50
Track 13. I Believe in Loving You – Carole King 4:55
Track 14. I Feel The Earth Move – Carole King 3:48
Track 15. You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King, James Taylor and Full Cast 6:23
57 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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You have to be fearless to be an artist. The life of the late bassist Charlie Haden (August 6, 1937 – July 11, 2014) was punctuated with many such moments. He recorded tunes to his leftist heroes, formed the Liberation Music Orchestra, toured outside of the usual jazz circuits, got himself arrested and still stayed the course. Haden was always both fearless and inspiring. BY Jeffrey St Clair.

Charlie Haden was the master of tempo, the keeper of crazy beats. He set the pace for some of the most challenging and beautiful music of our time. He was a scrupulous musician, his playing as precise as it was nimble. He kept the rhythms rich and earthy for music that might otherwise have sounded otherwordly.

Haden had an unrivaled sense of intuition. He could synch his playing with two of the most daredevil improvisers of jazz: Ornette Coleman and Keith Jarrett. He was fearless, eager to seize any musical challenge.

Click here for the article.


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With Chrissie Hynde
BBC Proms 2014 [no label, 2CD]
Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; July 23, 2014. Excellent webcast.

Better known as the electro-pop duo the Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe make their Proms debut here as composers. The world premiere of their large-scale work, A Man From The Future, inspired by code-breaker Alan Turing, sits alongside new orchestral arrangements of favourite Pet Shop Boys songs with legendary vocalist Chrissie Hynde.

The piece is inspired by the life and work of Alan Turing, who helped break the German Enigma code during the Second World War and formulated the concept of the digital computer, but was prosecuted in 1952 for his homosexuality, receiving a posthumous pardon last year. It comes as a timely homage, 60 years after Turing’s death.

The concert also includes new orchestral arrangements by renowned film composer Angelo Badalamenti of five Pet Shop Boys songs chosen by Tennant and Lowe, in which they are joined by Chrissie Hynde, as well as the exuberant overture to their 1991 tour, Performance, heard live in concert for the first time. – BBC

Thanks to paul_b35_uk who recorded and shared the tracks at Dime.

BBC Radio Four as part of BBC Proms, 2014 Season.
BBC 320kbps AAC > get_iplayer > Audacity (44.1KHz Wav) track cuts > flac

Disc 1
Track 101. Spoken Introduction 2:44
Track 102. Neil Tennant/Chris Lowe – Overture to ‘Performance’ (arr R Niles) 7:55
Neil Tennant/Chris Lowe; orch A Badalamenti – Vocal, Love Is A Catastrophe, Later Tonight, Rent
Track 103. Four Songs In A Minor – Part A 11:01
Track 104. Four Songs In A Minor – Part B 9:24
32 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Spoken Introduction to ‘A Man From The Future’ 5:38
Neil Tennant/Chris Lowe; orch S Helbig; world premiere
Track 202. A Man From The Future – Part A 7:48
Track 203. A Man From The Future – Part B 6:08
Track 204. A Man From The Future – Part C 14:22
Track 205. A Man From The Future – Part D 19:58
Track 206. Spoken Outro 4:19
59 mins

The tracks, Four Songs In A Minor and A Man From The Future have been arbitrarily split for easier access.

Juliet Stevenson (narrator)
Chrissie Hynde (vocalist)
Pet Shop Boys
BBC Singers
BBC Concert Orchestra
Dominic Wheeler (conductor)

Click here for the tracks.


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Boston 1983 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Boston Common, Boston, MA; July 22, 1983. Last show of the “Get Closer” tour. Fairly to very good audience recording.

Legendary singer Linda Ronstadt, 67, told AARP ( August 23, 2013 that she “can’t sing a note” because she suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Diagnosed eight months ago, Ronstadt began to show symptoms as long as eight years ago.

Thanks to the original taper; and to Steve Hopkins (shopkin527) for transferring, encoding and sharing the tracks at Dime.

Steve noted: “Another dusty ol’ reel off the shelf… this may be new to circulation.”

FOB Audience Stereo
Mics (?) > Sony WM-D6 Cassette Master
Teac X-1000R > Tascam CD-RW900
Master Cassette > Reel > CDR > EAC secure > Adobe Audition (edits, levels, light EQ, normalize) > CD Wave (tracks) > FLAC

Track 01. Tumbling Dice 4:19
Track 02. It’s So Easy 2:54
Track 03. I Knew You When 3:06
Track 04. Get Closer 2:57
Track 05. Easy For You To Say 4:36
Track 06. I Can’t Let Go 2:53
Track 07. Party Girl 4:04
Track 08. All That You Dream 4:09
Track 09. Blue Bayou 5:29
Track 10. Willin’ 3:53
Track 11. That’ll Be The Day 2:42
Track 12. Prisoner In Disguise 4:01
Track 13. When Will I Be Loved 2:30
Track 14. intros 2:05
Track 15. Bandit And A Heart Breaker 3:14
Track 16. Poor Poor Pitiful Me 4:13
Track 17. You’re No Good 6:08
Track 18. Living In The USA 3:10
Track 19. Heatwave 2:49
Track 20. I’m Blowing Away 3:01
Track 21. Desperado (cut in) 2:25
75 mins

Linda Ronstadt – vocals
Dan Dugmore – guitar, pedal steel
Kenny Edwards – bass, vocals
Liza Edwards – vocals
Andrew Gold – guitar, vocals
Rick Marotta – drums
Bill Payne – keyboards

Click here for the tracks.


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Sex may be used as a metaphor for political freedom in Lou Ye’s Summer Palace (2006), the first Mainland Chinese movie to feature full frontal male and female nudity. But what happens after the loving is gone? Stephen Tan reviews.

Any of these would already have generated a headline for Lou Ye’s Summer Palace (2006): the first Mainland Chinese movie to feature full-frontal adult nudity of both its male and female leads; the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre as a backdrop; Lou Ye screened the film at the 2006 Cannes Festival without Chinese government approval; the film being banned in China; and Lou and producer Nai An subsequently were forbidden by the Chinese government to make any new films for the next five years.

In a 2006 interview with The Guardian, Lou said: “I have been wanting to make a movie like this since 1989. I was a college student in Beijing that year. Many things happened around me. It was a year of great impulsiveness… The background of the 1980s is very complicated. I thought if I walk some distance, I would be able to see it more clearly. And I wanted to look beyond 1989 to see how the events of that year changed society afterwards.”

Click here for the article.


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The Long Strait Walk To Wembley [no label, 2CD]
Live at the Wembley Arena, London, UK; July 10, 1985. Excellent soundboard. Almost complete version.

Thanks to enlight for the fine effort and for sharing this at Dime.

enlight noted:

A thing I wanted to do for a long time was to create a most complete version of the famous Wembley gig Dire Straits did on July 10. All recordings (original silvers) so far contain eight songs from this particular night with “Romeo and Juliet”, “Expresso Love” and “Solid Rock” added from the original released Alchemy CD (Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK; July 23, 1983). This version contains all the songs recorded from that night and comparing to all the previous recordings (original silvers) with the songs in the proper order as they were played that night.

Thanks also to shangrila1 for the artwork (slightly amended here).

Disc 1
Track 101. Expresso Love 6:21
Track 102. So Far Away 4:48
Track 103. Private Investigations 7:13
Track 104. Sultans Of Swing 11:10
Track 105. Why Worry 5:03
Track 106. Walk Of Life 4:15
Track 107. The Man Is Too Strong 4:22
44 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Money For Nothing 6:54
Track 202. Tunnel Of Love 16:21
Track 203. Brothers In Arms 7:55
Track 204. Solid Rock (with Nils Lofgren) 4:30
Track 205. Introducing Hank Marvin 1:15
Track 206. Going Home (with Hank Marvin) 5:00
42 mins

Mark Knopfler – vocals, guitar
John Illsley – bass
Jack Sonni – guitar
Alan Clark – keyboards
Guy Fletcher – keyboards
Chris White – saxaphone
Terry Williams – drums
Nils Lofgren
Hank B Marvin

Click here for the tracks.


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MSG 1974 [Machine Head, 2CD]
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York; March 13, 1974. Good to fairly good audience recording.

By 1974, Ian Gillan and Roger Glover had left the band. In their places were bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (at that time remembered for Trapeze) and vocalist David Coverdale. This new lineup released Burn in February 1974 and their spring tour included shows at Madison Square Garden, New York on 13 March. On this show, Coverdale is an able replacement while Blackmore definitely rocks.

Thanks to the person who shared this on the net in 2006.

Disc 1
Track 101. Opening Introduction 1:02 (1.7MB)
Track 102. Burn 6:48 (11.4MB)
Track 103. Lay Down, Stay Down 5:37 (9.4MB)
Track 104. Mistreated 10:52 (18.3MB)
Track 105. Ritchie’s Solo 2:00 (3.4MB)
Track 106. Smoke On The Water 7:19 (12.3MB)
Track 107. Jon’s Solo 3:32 (5.9MB)
Track 108. You Fool No One 4:04 (6.8MB)
Track 109. Ritchie’s Solo 2:34 (4.3MB)
Track 110. Blues 3:36 (6.0MB)
Track 111. Ian’s Solo 7:10 (12.0MB)
55 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Space Truckin’ 12:28 (20.9MB)
Track 202. Jon’s Solo 7:45 (13.0MB)
Track 203. Ritchie’s Solo – Space Truckin’ 12:05 (20.3MB)
33 mins

Ritchie Blackmore
David Coverdale
Glen Hughes
Jon Lord
Ian Paice

Click here for the tracks.


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Cologne 2014 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Summerstage, Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany; July 12, 2014 (broadcast on July 24, 2014). Excellent FM broadcast.

It would have been quite the perfect World Cup celebration. The samba in Brazil while Sergio Mendes had his own party in Germany. But the fates… well, they could be unkind. Or whatever. Germany historically bundled Brazil out of the World Cup in the semifinal and, on July 12 (the day of this show), Brazil went down 0-3 to The Netherlands in the play-off for third place. Not quite what the Brazilians (or the world) expected. Still, you have to hand it to the Brazilians – they sure khow to have a good time. Party on Sergio Mendes!

Thanks to Tomyoungster for sharing the show at Dime.

Funkhaus Europa – World Live
FM (analog cable) – Audacity – xACT

Track 01. Garota da Ipanema 2:49
Track 02. Milagre/Samba Da Minha Terra 0:59
Track 03. The Frog 3:04
Track 04. Agua De Beber 3:51
Track 05. One Note Samba 2:30
Track 06. Roda 3:00
Track 07. Berimbau 2:22
Track 08. One Nation 2:01
Track 09. Promessa/Percussion Solo/Consolacao 9:31
Track 10. Surfboard 2:56
Track 11. O Que Sera 3:37
Track 12. Fool On The Hill 3:20
Track 13. Look Of Love 4:26
Track 14. Maracatu Atomico 3:21
Track 15. Mas Que Nada 5:21
Track 16. Pais Tropical 2:45
56 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Dave Marsh remembers Johnny Winter, who died on July 16, 2014 in Switzerland, two days after his last performance, at the Cahors Blues Festival in France. Johnny Winter was 70.

The whitest man of them all could not only play the blues, he could play the hell out of them. For the past 45 years, that’s exactly what he did, night after night, whether he had the ear of the whole music scene or only of those devotees and passers-by who happened to be around on any particular evening.

Johnny Winter was absolutely the real thing and, although Chuck Berry, Little Richard and even Bob Dylan played their part in his pantheon, the core of it always came back to the blues.

I first saw him under duress. An albino blues guitarist laying them flat in south Texas and brought north in a whirlwind of press releases threatened more than tedium. My girlfriend said I would love him, that he was exactly the kind of blues player I loved best. It took about 15 seconds to convince me that he wasn’t good, he was great.

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