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Orlando 1973 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Orlando Sports Stadium, Orlando, FL; May 8, 1973. Very good Pre-FM. Bonus: BBC Top Gear Peel Session; August 14, 1968. Very good FM broadcast.

Here is a short but sweet collectible.

Thanks to Dowling for sharing the Orlando show at The Traders’ Den.

Thanks also to kneesfudd for sharing the BBC Top Gear track at Dime.

+ + + + +

Orlando: DQR reel > CDDA > FLAC (exact linage unknown)
Broadcast on August 5, 1973

BBC Top Gear: off-air broadcast > unknown mono reel recorder > master mono reel > 1st generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on

Track 01. Intro 0:26
Track 02. Rock n Roll Music to the World 3:34
Track 03. Spoonful 6:27
Track 04. I’m Going Home 11:35
Track 05. Outro 0:12
23 mins

BBC Top Gear Peel Session 1968
Track 06. Spider In My Web 5:51
5 mins

Click here for the tracks.

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Word has it Sam Mendes’s Spectre (2015) doesn’t live up to the promise of the previous, better-regarded installment; that in fact this is the worst Bond movie in 30 years. Word-of-mouth like that will make you walk into a theater with head held low, in case the sheer awfulness onscreen catches you full in the face. Well, paddle my butt cheeks with a brass carpet cleaner – tain’t bad at all, says Critic After Dark Noel Vera.

Is the picture long involved and slow at times? Is it complex, requiring a fanboy’s fanatically detailed knowledge of the Bond mythos? Is it overindulgently dark, to the point of killing not just innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders but the audience’s willingness to sit still?

Yes, yes, and yes – but that’s exactly what’s so endearing about it.

Click here for the article.


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Allen Toussaint Tribute 2015 [no label, 2CD]
Live at the Orpheum Theater, New Orleans, LA; November 20, 2015. Very good FM broadcast.

Keith Spera,

The songs of Allen Toussaint washed over their creator one final time on Friday (November 20). As Toussaint, the beloved New Orleans songwriter, producer and pianist, lay inside an opulent casket at the foot of the Orpheum Theater stage, a procession of invited guests, including Elvis Costello, Jimmy Buffett, Dr John and Boz Scaggs, sang or spoke in tribute to him. The two-hour memorial played out to a capacity crowd of 1,600 – some family, some friends, and many fans of Toussaint’s music. The 77-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee died of heart attack on November 10 following a November 9 performance in Madrid, Spain. Saturday’s burial will be private, and Friday’s program, like its honoree, was elegant, restrained and finely tuned.

+ + + + +

Thanks to nolataper who recorded and shared the show at Dime.

nolataper noted:

Pretty nice tribute to Allen Toussaint yesterday featuring a bunch of guests… A few annoying dropouts and way too many interruptions by the DJs, but still worth a listen or two.
FYI Track 6 was from a CD, so I had to trim it to only a few seconds…
About 1:42 of DJ talking removed between Tracks 23 and 24.
There are a handful of dropouts (Tracks 14, 18, 26) of about 10 seconds that were inherent in the broadcast.

WWOZ-FM > RadioShark FM-receiver hardware > usb > Sony Vaio vpcs131fm (running Ubuntu linux) > Shark v1.0 (linux command line) > SoX v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > MacBook Pro (2.3GHz, Intel Core i7 quad core, OSX 10.9.5) > SoX v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > DSP-Quattro 4.3.1 (normalized by 5.1 db; split into songs) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.36 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac

Disc 1
Track 101. radio intro 0:17
Track 102. Let’s Live (Cyril Neville) 2:39
Track 103. Mayor Mitch Landrieu 6:50
Track 104. Any Day Now (Deacon John) 4:27
Track 105. Eric Paulsen 6:45
Track 106.  Bid You Goodnight (Aaron Neville – canned, excerpt) 0:37
Track 107. Southern Nights (Davell Crawford) 4:22
Track 108. Walk Around Heaven (Irma Thomas) 6:11
Track 109. Josh Feigenbaum 7:56
Track 110. Jimmy Buffett 3:03
Track 111. Fortune Teller (Buffett) 2:44
Track 112. Elvis Costello intro 0:40
Track 113. Costello talks 7:58
Track 114. All These Things (John Boutte – dropout) 5:41
61 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Boz Scaggs intro 0:39
Track 202. Scaggs talks 12:25
Track 203. What Do You Want the Girl to Do (Scaggs and Jon Cleary) 5:06
Track 204. Take Me The Rest Of The Way (Toussaint recording – dropout) 4:07
Track 205. Pastor Michael Green 5:00
Track 206. Breeze Cayolle intro 0:33
Track 207. Ave Marie (Brian Breeze Cayolle) 3:42
Track 208. Dr John 1:05
Track 209. Life (Dr John) 3:38
Track 210. Preservation Hall intro 1:11
Track 211. Yes We Can Can (Preservation Hall Jazz Band) 5:38
Track 212. Just a Closer Walk (Boutte – dropout) 7:05
Track 213. I’ll Fly Away (Trombone Shorty, Preservation Hall) 5:59
57 mins

Performers include:
Ben Jaffee – tuba, musical director
Clint Maedgen – sax
Charlie Gabriel – clarinet
Joe Lastie, Jr – drums
Ricky Monie – piano (I’ll Fly Away)
Mark Braud – trumpet, band leader
Freddie Lonzo – trombone
Davell Crawford – piano (Yes We Can Can; Just a Closer Walk With Thee)

Click here for the tracks.


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Ann Arbor 1980 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI; January 22, 1980. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to JEMS; original uploader weedwacker67; and to arpo67 for keeping the show alive at Dime.

arpo67 noted:

XTC is probably the best kept secret when it comes to pop rock being a band that should have had greater commercial successes than they had. This is one of those bands a lot of people have heard of but not actually heard outside the fans and music critics. This show captures XTC touring in support of the Drums And Wire album as an opening act for The Police.

+ + + + +

master cassette of FM b-cast > Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback > Wavelab 24/96 > Sox 16/44 > flac

Track 01. Beatown 3:38
Track 02. Real By Reel 3:53
Track 03. When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty 3:25
Track 04. Life Begins at the Hop 3:39
Track 05. The Rhythm 2:42
Track 06. Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!) 2:52
Track 07. Roads Girdle the Globe 4:30
Track 08. Ten Feet Tall 3:15
Track 09.  Helicopter 3:35
Track 10. This Is Pop 2:24
Track 11. Battery Brides 7:57
Track 12. Instant Tunes 2:22
Track 13. Crowded Room 2:37
Track 14. Complicated Game 4:24
Track 15. Making Plans for Nigel 4:02
Track 16. Outside World 2:41
Track 17. Dance Band 3:10
Track 18. Statue of Liberty 2:37
64 mins

Andy Partridge – guitar, vocals
Dave Gregory – guitar
Colin Moulding – bass, vocals
Terry Chambers – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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At The BBC [no label, 1CD]
BBC London Studios, London, UK; November 2, 2015. Broadcast November 20, 2015. Excellent audio – ripped from HD webcast.

In this one-off BBC Music exclusive [broadcast to coincide with the release of Adele’s third album, 25, on November 20], Adele performs some of her world-famous classic tracks, as well as eagerly awaited new material, accompanied by her band in front of a live studio audience. Host Graham Norton [in itself already is a hoot] also talks to Adele about her career and extraordinary life to date. There’s also some fun to be had as Adele gets up close and personal with some of her biggest fans. The show includes Adele’s first television performance of “Skyfall” since the 85th Academy Awards in February 2013, where she won Best Original Song for the theme music to the 23rd James Bond film.

+ + + + +

Thanks to indykid for sharing the webcast at Dime.

Track 01. Intro/Rolling In The Deep 5:16
Track 02. Interview 4:42
Track 03. Hello * 4:12
Track 04. Interview 8:55
Track 05. Rumour Has It 3:43
Track 06. Interview 1:59
Track 07. Skyfall 4:22
Track 08. Interview 7:47
Track 09. Million Years Ago * (live debut) 3:43
Track 10. Hometown Glory 4:21
Track 11. Interview 2:23
Track 12. When We Were Young * (live debut) 4:48
Track 13. Interview 1:29
Track 14. Someone Like You 5:38
64 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Koeln/Warsaw 1976 [no label, 2CD]
Live at Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal des Koelner Funkhauses, Koeln, Germany; September 16, 1976. Track 2: Club Stodola, Warsaw Jazz Jamboree Festival, Poland; September 15, 1976. Very good digital broadcast.

Stan Kenton (1911-1979) was a salient figure on the American musical scene and made an indelible mark on the arranged type of big band jazz. Kenton’s music evolved with the times throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and although he was no longer considered a contemporary innovator, he promoted jazz and jazz improvisation through his service as an educator. The “Kenton Style” continues to permeate big bands at the high school and collegiate level, and the framework he designed for the “jazz clinic” is still widely in use today. – wikipedia

+ + + + +

Thanks to Lewojazz for sharing the tracks at Dime.

ADR – Astra Digital Radio > Technisat Mediafocus > mp2 > mp3DirectCut > mp2

Disc 1
Track 101. Radio Intro – Karsten Muetzelfeldt 1:14
Track 102. Bogota (Warsaw Jazz Jamboree) 5:55
Track 103. Radio announcer – Karsten Muetzelfeldt 1:29
Track 104. Send In The Clowns-Granada Smoothie 9:59
Track 105. Lush Life 6:12
Track 106. Turtle Talk 5:31
Track 107. announcement 1:12
Track 108. Roy’s Blues 9:21
Track 109. Body And Soul 6:03
Track 110. Intermission Riff, pt 1 8:00
Track 111. Intermission Riff, pt 2 5:31
Track 112. Radio Outro – 1st Set 1:44
63 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? 6:28
Track 202. a little minor booze 8:43
Track 203. announcement 0:36
Track 204. My Old Flame 6:31
Track 205. Love For Sale 4:36
Track 206. announcement 0:29
Track 207. 90 Degrees Celcius 6:18
Track 208. The Peanut Vendor 8:07
Track 209. Artistry In Rhythm 6:33
Track 210. Radio Outro – Karsten Muetzelfeldt 1:50
Track 211. Encore – Take the A Train 2:45
53 mins

Stan Kenton – piano, leader
Jay Sollenberger, Steve Campos, Tim Hagans, David Kennedy, Joe Cassano – trumpet
Dick Shearer, Douglas Purviance, Mike Egan, Alan Morrissey, Jeff Uusitalo – trombone
Terry Layne, Alan Yankee, Roy Reynolds, Greg Metcalf, Teddy Anderson – saxophone
John Worster – bass
Ramon Lopez – percussion
Gary Hobbs – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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The blame game over the November 2015 Paris Attacks has begun. But is there any mystery why “US officials” and the military-intelligence regime are desperate to shift blame away from themselves for ISIS and terror attacks? Imagine simultaneously devoting all your efforts to depicting ISIS as the Greatest and Most Evil Threat Ever, while knowing the vital role you played in its genesis and growth. By Glenn Greenwald.

Whistleblowers are always accused of helping America’s enemies (top Nixon aides accused Daniel Ellsberg of being a Soviet spy and causing the deaths of Americans with his leak); it’s just the tactical playbook that’s automatically used. So it’s of course unsurprising that ever since Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing enabled newspapers around the world to report on secretly implemented programs of mass surveillance, he has been accused by “officials” and their various media allies of Helping The Terrorists™.

Still, I was a bit surprised just by how quickly and blatantly – how shamelessly – some of them jumped to exploit the emotions prompted by the carnage in France to blame Snowden: doing so literally as the bodies still lay on the streets of Paris.

Click here for the article.


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Holland 2015 [no label, 2CD]
E-Live Festival, De Enck, Oirschot, Holland; October 24, 2015. Very good audience recording.

Formed in the ’70s, Ash Ra Tempel was initially made up of Manuel Gottsching (guitar), Harmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (ex-Tangerine Dream) (drums), after purchasing Pink Floyd’s sound equipment in London. The idea was to combine blues-influenced improvisations and new sounds with traditional instruments: guitar, bass and drums. Over the years, Gottsching has remained the mainstay of the cosmic or ambient space rock group.

+ + + + +

Thanks to tisnix for sharing the show at Dime.

edirol r05 and sony ecm-717 mic > soundforge > flac
recorded close to right speaker; only upped/balanced the sound

Disc 1
Track 101. Echoes 17:43
Track 102. Le Berceau de Cristal 14:51
Track 103. Le Diable dans la Maison 4:51
Track 104. Silence Sauvage 4:14
Track 105. Le Sourie Vole 6:46
49 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. L’hiver Doux 16:04
Track 202. Unreleased 8:23
Track 203. Lotus 17:02
Track 204. Oasis 7:22
49 mins

Manuel Gottsching – keyboards
Lutz Graf-Ulbrich – guitar

Click here for the tracks.


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Celebrating 40 Years Of Ronnie Wood [GR14, 2CD]
Unknown dates and venues. Very good to excellent audio – soundboard? radio broadcasts?

Thanks to ghostryder14 for compiling and sharing the tracks on the net. While this is a labour of love, unfortunately, the source for the tracks is not indicated – a pity, as most fans would like to know.

ghostryder14 noted:

I couldn’t let 2015 pass without celebrating the 40th anniversary of when Ronnie joined the Stones. It bugs me how he gets a raw deal with some Stones fans who compare him to Mick Taylor. I like them both for different reasons. With this collection I’ve mostly stayed away from the traditional songs and focused on the material from the ’70s and ’80s. Editing, Mixing, and Artwork Done by Me. I hope you like it.

+ + + + +

Disc 1
Track 101. Jumping Jack Flash 6:50
Track 102. Dance Pt 1 5:55
Track 103. She Was Hot 4:54
Track 104. She’s So Cold 3:40
Track 105. One Hit To The Body 5:38
Track 106. Start Me Up 5:12
Track 107. Hand Of Fate 3:59
Track 108. Little T&A 3:24
Track 109. Miss You 7:45
Track 110. Fool To Cry 5:33
Track 111. Gimme Shelter 5:40
Track 112. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg 4:16
Track 113. Going To A Go Go 3:24
Track 114. Respectable 3:16
Track 115. Fingerprint File 8:51
79 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Let Me Go 3:28
Track 202. Tops 4:00
Track 203. Shattered 4:03
Track 204. Get Up Stand Up 5:02
Track 205. Neighbours 4:01
Track 206. Sympathy For The Devil 7:43
Track 207. Hey Negrita 4:21
Track 208. Emotional Rescue 5:19
Track 209. Mixed Emotions 5:01
Track 210. Undercover Of The Night 4:06
Track 211. Harlem Shuffle 3:45
Track 212. Connection 3:11
Track 213. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 4:26
Track 214. Hot Stuff 4:18
Track 215. If You Can’t Rock Me 3:26
Track 216. Beast Of Burden 5:27
Track 217. Dance Little Sister 3:12
Track 218. Hang Fire 2:35
Track 219. Hound Dog 1:23
79 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Mariaville 2002 [no label, 1CD]
Live at Camp Creek, Indian Lookout Country Club, Mariaville, NY; July 28, 2002. Fairly to very good soundboard.

Tom Tom Club was founded in 1981 by husband-and-wife team Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, both also known for being members of Talking Heads. Originally established as a side project from Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club comprised a loose aggregation of musicians, sound engineers, and artists of the Compass Point All Stars family, including Tina Weymouth’s sisters and guitarist Adrian Belew. – wikipedia

Thanks to billydee who recorded and shared the show at Dime. Thanks also to Terry Watts for the transfer.

SBD > DAT (m) > Sony PCM-R500 > SPDIF > Tascam HD-P2 > CDWave > FLAC [16/48]
Additional processing: PC FLAC (16/48) > Audacity > WAV [16/48] > TLH FLAC 8

Track 01. Suboceana (fade in) 6:48
Track 02. L’Elephant 5:47
Track 03. Punk Lolita 4:31
Track 04. Who Feelin’ It? 5:56
Track 05. She’s Dangerous 4:48
Track 06. Happiness Can’t Buy Money 5:03
Track 07. Time To Bounce 4:35
Track 08. Man With The 4-Way Hips 10:18
Track 09. Band Intros 0:59
Track 10. Genius Of Love 7:12
Track 11. Sand 6:15
Track 12. Wordy Rappinghood 7:45
Track 13. Take Me To The River 4:54
75 mins

Click here for the tracks.

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