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Nashville 2016 [no label, 1CD]

Americana Fest. Live at the Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tennessee; September 21, 2016. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

Just the idea of Dwight Yoakam making a bluegrass album is like some sort of gift from the country music Gods. Before a lick of music was heard, the news of “Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars…” was its own viral event… If you come to this record expecting some groundbreaking bluegrass project, especially if you weren’t in the loop that this is a covers record, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you look at it as Dwight trying to keep things spicy and interesting, and releasing a side project of cool bluegrass versions of some of his previously-released material, you’ll have a good time, enjoy the listen, see a different side of Dwight, and satiate your desire to hear what he’d be like in the bluegrass realm. –

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Thanks to indykid for sharing the HDTV webcast at Dime.

indykid noted:

On ‘Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars…’, Dwight Yoakam has re-imagined some of his most well-known songs – 11 in total – as bluegrass tunes. The album, out on September 23, also includes a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain” as the closing track. He and his new band, The Aqua Velva Boys, visited Nashville’s Mercy Lounge for a special Americana Fest performance of the new album in full.

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Track 01. What I Don’t Know 4:07
Track 02. Free To Go 5:26
Track 03. Sad, Sad Music 3:43
Track 04. I Wouldn’t Put It Past Me 5:51
Track 05. These Arms 5:32
Track 06. Listen 5:31
Track 07. Two Doors Down 4:21
Track 08. Guitars, Cadillacs 4:00
Track 09. Home for Sale 6:10
Track 10. Please, Please Baby 4:07
Track 11. Gone (That’ll Be Me) 9:07
Track 12. Purple Rain 6:07
64 mins

Click here for the tracks.

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Berlin 1969 [TomP remaster, 1CD]

Berliner Jazztage. Live at the Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany; November 6, 1969. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to the original uploader; and to tom_phillips (TomP) for sharing the show at Dime.

TomP noted:

I originally thought this was a higher quality version of the set on Nov 11 labelled from Stuttgart, but while they start identically, the bulk of the set is completely different and the best quality I’ve ever heard from such an age.  It is nearly, but not quite mono and benefitted from a few simple changes, so I hope folks like it.

+ + + + +

Thanks also to Lewojazz for the artwork.

2009-06-19 RBB Kulturradio 256/48 mp2 > Nokia d-box 2 > HD > mp3DirectCut > flac > Foobar 2000 (wav) > Audition (44.1k)
Edit details (Nero 8 unless indicated):
Corrected periods of phase inversion throughout (Audition)
DC offset correction
Fixed SBEs in the original post
Increased music +1db above talk/applause
Normalised volume
Corrected balance and volume variations throughout
Fixed one drop-out, almost seamlessly
Cross-mixed channels (99:1 ratio)
Flac tags (Tag & Rename)
Flac 6 + SBE / decode check

Track 01. Stage Intro (Dietrich Schulz-Köhn) 1:17

Fragments Of A Dedication to Duke Ellington (arbitrarily split)
Track 02. Part A 12:14
Track 03. Part B 9:55
Track 04. Part C 17:00
Track 05. Part D 9:36
Track 06. Part E 14:46
65 mins

Jimmy Lyons – alto saxophone
Sam Rivers – tenor saxophone
Cecil Taylor – piano
Andrew Cyrille – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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Dakar 1966 [no label, 1CD]

Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres. Live at the Théâtre National Daniel Sorano, Dakar, Senegal; April 9, 1966. Very good FM broadcast.

David Murphy, Remembering the First World Festival of Negro Arts, Dakar 1966:

The First World Festival of Negro Arts, which ran from 1-24 April 1966, was organised against the backdrop of African decolonisation and the push for civil rights in the US. More than 2,500 artists, musicians, performers and writers gathered in Dakar, and the festival spanned literature, theatre, music, dance, film, as well as the visual/plastic arts. It was hailed by many commentators as the inaugural cultural gathering of the black world… US participants were thus amongst the most eagerly anticipated guests in Dakar: Duke Ellington, the legendary jazz man; Langston Hughes, the elder statesman of African-American literature; and an ageing Josephine Baker, the ‘black Venus’ from Missouri, who had wowed Paris in the 1920s.

+ + + + +

Thanks to cosmikd for sharing the show at Dime.

FM > Edirol R-09 (WAV) > Wavelab > FLAC (level 8, sector-align)
Broadcast: les légendes du Jazz, France Musique, Sept 10, 2016

Track 01. Black and Tan Fantasy 4:55
Track 02. Creole Love Call-The Mooche 3:55
Track 03. Soul Call 2:28
Track 04. West Indian Pancake 4:28
Track 05. El Gato and the Matador 4:12
Track 06. The Opener 2:55
Track 07. La Plus Belle Africaine 12:57
Track 08. Easy Love 7:18
Track 09. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be 3:38
Track 10. Dancers in Love 3:08
Track 11. Jam With Sam 3:20
54 mins

Duke Ellington – piano
Cat Anderson, Cootie Williams, Herbie Jones, Mercer Ellington – trumpet
Buster Cooper, Lawrence Brown, Chuck Connors – trombone
Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope – alto sax
Paul Gonsalves – tenor sax
Jimmy Hamilton – tenor sax, clarinet
Harry Carney – baritone sax
John Lamb – bass
Sam Woodyard – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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The USA has again approved granting Israel, and this time with a record $38 BILLION in military aid over the next 10 years. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ‘delighted’ for the handout. What can a small sailboat with 13 women, including a Malaysian gynecologist, possibly do to a juggernaut? By LisaGay Hamilton.

Sunday night, September 18, 2016. As my “industry” colleagues attend Emmy parties and dress for the red carpet, I stand on the chilly docks of Ajaccio, Corsica, in the wee hours of the morning awaiting the arrival of a small sailboat called the Zaytouna-Oliva. The boat arrives just after 2 am, and the passengers and crew, all women, disembark.

The trip from Barcelona was rough. Everyone had gotten sick and it showed on their faces. One woman had become so ill she had to be taken by ambulance to the local hospital. The boat is battered and reeks of vomit, but it does not smell of despair. The women walk quietly and defiantly off the gangplank and toward the pier, where they receive a hero’s welcome. In 24 hours, I will join the women on the third leg of the trip to Messina, Sicily, and from there the Zaytouna-Oliva will proceed to its final destination: Gaza.

Click here for the article.


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ABC-TV Sessions [no label, 1CD]

TV performances from 1965 to 1971. Very broadcast mono/stereo.

Includes duet with Elvis Presley from May 12, 1960.

+ + + + +

Unknown date (?)
Track 01. I’ve Got The World On A String 2:16

January 17, 1956
Track 02. I’m An Old Cowhand 1:47
Track 03. Birth Of The Blues 3:30
Track 04. Bewitched 3:06
Track 05. I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me 1:06

May 9, 1958
Track 06. On The Road To Mandaly 2:36
Track 07. We’l Be Together Again 3:52
Track 08. Moonlight In Vermont 2:29
Track 09. I May Be Wrong 2:27
Track 10. Party Blues 0:04
Track 11. Party Blues 0:43

November 29, 1957
Track 12. Night And Day 2:24
Track 13. Medley (with Dean Martin) 6:09
Track 14. The House I Live In 4:09

May 12, 1960
Track 15. Witchcraft/Love Me Tender (with Elvis) 2:08

April 12, 1971
Track 16. I Get A Kick Out Of You (with Natalie Cole) 3:33

October 16, 1965
Track 17. Fly Me To The Moon 2:44
Track 18. Please Be Kind 2:47
Track 19. Too Marvelous For Words 2:08
Track 20. Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrong 2:40
Track 21. The Gal That Got Away 3:59

Unknown date
Track 22. Theme From New York, New York 2:25
59 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Another Time, Another Place
Disc 4: Hawaii [Stormbird, 1CD]

Live at the International Center Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii; July 28, 1966. Very good soundboard (taped by the radio station; recorded in-line).

Rolling Stones collectors would probably already have copies or versions of these discs. Recently, Stormbird released a compilation of the Brian Jones-era Rolling Stones tracks/shows, a time when the Stones still mattered. We will be sharing these discs over the coming weeks.

Promo and sleeve notes:

Unique six disc anthology is the rare opportunity to enjoy classic recordings by the Rolling Stones from the Brian Jones era. Included here are digitally remastered versions of live television shows, radio broadcasts, concert appearances and studio outtakes.

The Rolling Stones appeared in concert in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 28, 1966. The concert was broadcast live by radio station K-POI.

+ + + + +

Thanks to Xichon for sharing the entire set of six CDs on the net.

Track 01. Not Fade Away 3:47
Track 02. The Last Time 2:53
Track 03. Paint It Black 3:40
Track 04. Lady Jane 3:22
Track 05. Mother’s Little Helper 2:43
Track 06. Get Off Of My Cloud 3:05
Track 07. 19th Nervous Breakdown 4:09
Track 08. (I Can’t Get No)Satisfaction 5:17
29 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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BBC In Concert 1975 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the BBC (Regent Street), London, UK: 1975. Very good audio from Pre-FM Transcription Disc.

The Baker Gurvitz Army came into existence when former Gun and Three man Army members Paul and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with legendary drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. The Baker Gurvitz Army was the first real musical project for Ginger Baker since the short-lived band Salt in 1972 and Ginger Baker’s Airforce some two years prior to that.

Thanks to GRC for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

GRC noted:

A fresh 2016 rip from the transcription disc. There’s been a bootleg silver in the past, but unfortunately that version immortalised/preserved a vinyl ‘skip’ on one of the tracks, and many taped copies from this silver repeated the error. We now have a skip-free version.

Unfortunately, the transcription disc excludes Baker’s drum solo feature number, Memory Lane, and I’ve included a standard-res version of this from my original off-air broadcast tape. People was played as an encore, and was faded out in the original broadcast. The full version was included on the transcription disc, and included here.

+ + + + +

LP > Alesis Masterlink ML9600 @ 24/88 (track splits, fades etc) > AIFF > Foobar2000 conversion to FLAC
The track, Memory Lane, from original broadcast.
Cassette > Alesis Masterlink ML9600 @ 16/48 > AIFF > Foobar2000 conversion to FLAC
For this share:
24/88 Flac > Audacity > Wav 16/44 > mp3

Track 01. Intro 1:02
Track 02. Inside of Me 5:45
Track 03. Love Is 3:26
Track 04. The Hustler 7:33
Track 05. Time 4:33
Track 06. Space Machine 7:01
Track 07. The Artist 5:36
Track 08. Freedom 5:51
Track 09. Remember 8:37
Track 10. Memory Lane (from broadcast) 9:06
Track 11. People 7:15
66 mins

Ginger Baker – drums, monologue on Time
Paul Gurvitz – bass, vocals
Adrian Gurvitz – guitar, vocals
Mr Snips – vocals
Pete (Peter) Lemer – keyboards

Click here for the tracks.


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London 1968 [no label, 1CD]

Live at The Paris Theatre, London, UK; Spring 1968. Very good soundboard; slight hiss/noise.

Thanks to prof_stoned for the mastering; and for sharing the show at Dime.

prof_stoned noted:

A very important bootleg, IMO, that begs for an official release. Reportedly, it was sourced from a cassette copy that a fan got directly from an BBC employee after writing a letter to inquire after the status of this recording. The BBC employee also mentioned that this came from his private copy and that video sources no longer existed in the archives…

Despite the obvious deterioration of the source material, the sound quality here has still turned out quite good. I have carefully restored and remastered this at my mastering studio. The original source sounded a bit dull. By bringing up the high-end a bit, the NR problem and hiss also became more apparent, but I think I found an acceptable balance (to my taste, anyway). I also corrected the speed of the two original parts (one ran a bit too fast, the other a bit too slow).

+ + + + +

Soundboard > Pre-FM Reel-To-Reel Master > Cassette > ? > FLAC > Mastering 2016 > FLAC

Track 01. You Know Who I Am 3:54
Track 02. Bird On The Wire 4:22
Track 03. The Stranger Song 6:17
Track 04. So Long,  Marianne 7:54
Track 05. Master Song 8:00
Track 06. There’s No Reason Why You Should Remember Me 1:41
Track 07. Sisters Of Mercy 3:55
Track 08. Teachers 3:54
Track 09. Dress Rehearsal Rag 5:51
Track 10. Suzanne 4:22
Track 11. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye 3:45
Track 12. Story Of Isaac 3:57
Track 13. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong 4:05
62 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Amherst 1978 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA; October 23, 1978. Fairly to very good soundboard.

While true-blue Jersey Boys will have their own say about the group, for the rest of us, it all adds up to a bit of boogie, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll and a whole lot of soul.

Thanks to kingrue for sharing the show at The Traders’ Den.

Backcover picture by Richard E Aaron – Thanks!

Soundboard > 1st generation cassette (TDK-SAX) tape obtained May 9, 1994.
Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)
Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > WAV > TLH [SB’s aligned] Flac level 8
From the collection of Kenexan.

Disc 1
Track 101. Introduction 0:44
Track 102. This Time It’s For Real 3:41
Track 103. I Played The Fool 3:26
Track 104. Without Love 4:17
Track 105. Next To You 3:59
Track 106. Fannie Mae 6:32
Track 107. Love On The Wrong Side of Town 3:58
Track 108. She’s Got Me 4:43
Track 109. Take It Inside 2:59
Track 110. This Time Baby’s Gone 4:07
Track 111. Little By Little 3:59
Track 112. Trapped Again 2:22
45 misn

Disc 2
Track 201. Got To Be A Better Way 1:24
Track 202. The Fever 10:31
Track 203. I Don’t Want To Go Home 4:56
Track 204. Having A Party 10:04
Track 205. You Don’t Know Like I Know 11:13
Track 206. When You Dance 5:37
Track 207. Stagger Lee 1:11
45 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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It’s Going To Be A Bit Loud [Godfather Records GR 547, 1CD]

Live at the Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden; January 9, 1969 (second show). Very good soundboard.

Stuart, (2010):

This release from the Godfather features a rare show from Jimi Hendrix & the Experience. Released originally on Disc 2 of Swingin’ Pig’s “On The Killing Floor” its broadcast on Swedish radio ensures its status as one of the few Hendrix bootlegs worth its salt – the ambience is close to most of the BBC sessions that have been officially released and are in near pin drop quality although while the Beeb never usually had an audience then the audience are loud and clear here though they never distract from the entertainment.

+ + + + +

Thanks to CAPTAiN24 for sharing the show on the net.

Godfather silver > EAC wav > Flac

Track 01. I Don’t Live Today 11:25
Track 02. Spanish Castle Magic 6:10
Track 03. Hey Joe 7:08
Track 04. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 9:50
Track 05. Sunshine of Your Love 11:41
Track 06. Red House 12:12
Track 07. Fire 2:49
Track 08. Purple Haze 3:57
Track 09. Star Spangled Banner 3:19
69 mins

Click here for the tracks.

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