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Bulgaria 2013 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Piano Extravaganza Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria; September 29, 2013. Excellent stereo audio, extracted from HDTV broadcast.

Not so much a symphonic Pink Floyd but Pink Floyd on the piano.


Turkish pianist AyseDeniz Gokcin has become an unlikely sensation after her recording of legendary prog rock band Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ was picked up by various online media across Europe, turning her rendition into a surprise hit. She told Intropia: “I was inspired by Liszt’s legacy, his showmanship as a touring pianist – he was one of the first to play to audiences as big as 3,000 people at a time. And I love Pink Floyd’s music.”

In October 2013, Gokcin had posted this Sofia concert on YouTube. Recorded at the Piano Extravaganza Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, it’s a 63-minute epic that tours the prog band’s history from tracks from 1975’s Wish You Were Here album to ‘On The Turning Away’, taken from their 1987 album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. Gokcin uses ‘On The Turning Away’ as a basis for what she has termed a ‘Chopin Mashup’, which takes elements of the great Polish piano composer and fuses them with the Pink Floyd original. The concert comes ahead of a whole album of Pink Floyd reinterpretations, which was released in November 2013.

Thanks to stfine for sharing the HDTV broadcast on the net. One also wonders if this rip came from the YouTube clip as the highs tend to “bleed” slightly.

Track 01. Welcome To The Machine 4:39
Track 02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 3:00
Track 03. Hey You ‘Lisztified’ 9:31
Track 04. Wish You Were Here ‘Lisztified’ 5:22
Track 05. Another Brick In The Wall ‘Lisztified’ 5:15
Track 06. Us And Them 4:04
Track 07. Comfortably Numb 6:16
Track 08. On The Turning Away and Chopin Mashup 2:36
Track 09. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 10:40
Track 10. High Hopes 7:15
Track 11. Another Brick In The Wall (partial) 2:59
62 mins

AyseDeniz Gokcin – piano

Click here for the tracks.

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Stockholm 1971/Duesseldorf 1970 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden; November 24, 1971. Very good Pre-FM. Live at Eisstadion “Joint Meeting”, Duesseldorf, Germany; May 16, 1970. Good to fairly good audience recording.

Starting from 1962 and after going various lineup changes over the years, the British Status Quo must be one of the longest-surviving bands around. Call it power pop or their brand of boogie-woogie, here are two shows from the early ’70s.

Thanks to cacahuete for sharing the Stockholm 1971 show and the artwork (modified here) at Dime.

cacahuete noted:

This recording is one of the best early live Status Quo recordings, both quality and performance. The show was specially recorded for broadcast on Swedish Radio, a recording from the radio, usually in MP3, with DJ introduction at the beginning is quite common. This is not from the radio but taken from the Pre-FM Soundboard, radio station master reels. An official CD release of this was going to be released back in the 1990s but was cancelled by the band, they were not happy with the performance. I got as far as ordering a copy of this CD from a mail order company, only for a letter to drop through my door just after the release date stating “The Release Of This CD Has been Cancelled – It Is Highly Unlikely It will Be Released Any Time In The future.” Disappointment or what. Years later I found the MP3 then recently I found this, the real thing. I’ve made some artwork to go with this torrent as the only artwork I could find for this date was crap. This is vintage Quo at its best, even if the band themselves did not like it.

Thanks to kneesfudd for sharing the 1970 Duesseldorf show at Dime.

kneesfudd noted:

Slightly distant but fairly clear and steady with very little AUD noise. Warts: Sounds almost like #1 flips into stereo a few times, not sure why. Twas a bit o’ mike feedback on stage off and on ‘tween songs. Surely missed some dropouts and dullspots but fixed most of ‘em and fixed volume cuts and fluctuations, so it’s pretty damn steady. The band has a bit of mike feedback on stage off and on inbetween songs.

Stockholm: CDR > EAC (Secure Mode) > WAV > Trader’s Little Helper > FLAC [level 8]
Duesseldorf: unknown mono recording equipment > master mono audience tape (played back on stereo deck) > 1st generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Stockholm; November 24, 1971
Track 01. Junior’s Wailing 3:36
Track 02. Someone’s Learning 8:01
Track 03. Umleitung 7:59
Track 04. In My Chair 3:17
Track 05. Railroad 5:37
Track 06. Roadhouse Blues 8:08

Duesseldorf; May 16, 1970
Track 07. Junior’s Wailing 3:47
Track 08. Down The Dustpipe 2:42
Track 09. Need Your Love  5:04
Track 10. Spinning Wheel Blues 3:27
Track 11. In My Chair 3:22
Track 12. Is It Really Me 7:33
63 mins

Francis Rossi – guitar, vocals
Rick Parfitt – guitar, vocals
Alan Lancaster – bass, vocals
John Coughlan – drums
Bob ‘Bandie’ Young – harmonica

Click here for the tracks.


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Minneapolis 1973 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Metro Sports Arena, Minneapolis, MN; May 30, 1973. Very good soundboard.

Here’s a curtain raiser for Halloween.

Thanks to mjk5510 for sharing the tracks in 2006.

mjk5510 noted:

Here we have a vintage Alice show from when they were the kings of the rock world. A number of shows from the ’73 tour appear to have been soundboard recorded with Dallas and Houston being the most commonly known appearing in edited form on the Billion Dollar Babies Deluxe Edition.

Recorded one month later, the Minneapolis show seems a bit looser than those two but contains the same high level of energy and fun throughout.

Thanks also to G. The Cock for the artwork (with thanks to tnstranger for the front cover photo).

Soundboard > Unknown Cassette > CDR > Flac

Track 01. Hello Hooray 5:00
Track 02. Billion Dollar Babies 3:57
Track 03. Elected 2:32
Track 04. Eighteen 4:13
Track 05. Raped & Freeze 3:30
Track 06. No More Mr Nice Guy 3:04
Track 07. My Stars 7:57
Track 08. Unfinished Sweet 3:40
Track 09. Unfinished Sweet (continued) 2:13
10. Night On Bald Mountain Interlude (edited out)
Track 11. Sick Things 4:15
Track 12. Dead Babies (fade) 1:14
Track 13. I Love The Dead 7:51
14. Night On Bald Mountain Interlude (edited out)
Track 15. School’s Out 11:26
Track 16. Under My Wheels 5:33
17. God Bless America (edited out)
67 mins

Click here for the tracks.

ROBERT CRAY – BBC 1986-1991

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BBC Broadcasts 1986-1991 [no label, 3CD]
Live at Glastonbury (June 22, 1986); Glastonbury (June 19, 1987); Hammersmith Odeon 1988; Hammersmith Odeon 1991. Very good to excellent BBC Radio 1 FM broadcasts.

Blues musician Robert Cray started getting a rap with his Bad Influence (1983) and False Accusations (1985) albums and became a contender with the crossover Strong Persuader (1986), which yielded the Smoking Gun single.

Thanks to Fergyuk for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

Picture posted at

BBC Radio 1 FM > Marantz ST320L Tuner > Aiwa or Teac cassette recorder (master cassettes) > wave capture, track markers & burned to cdr using Magix ACL > accuraterip to flac level 8.

Disc 1
Glastonbury 1986
Track 101. Don’t Touch Me 4:03
Track 102. Where Do I Go From Here? 4:17
Track 103. That’s What I’ll Do 2:40
Track 104. Porch Light 6:24
Track 105. Right Next Door 4:27
Track 106. Phone Booth 4:46

Glastonbury 1987
Track 107. Bad Influence 3:47
Track 108. I Guess I Showed Her 4:02
Track 109. Right Next Door 5:26
Track 110. T-bone Shuffle 4:52
Track 111. New Blood 5:41
Track 112. Playin’ In The Dirt 5:16
56 mins

Disc 2
Hammersmith Odeon 1988
Track 201. I Guess I Showed Her 2:18
Track 202. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark 4:34
Track 203. Last Time 6:29
Track 204. Don’t You Even Care 5:02
Track 205. Still Around 5:40
Track 206. Night Patrol 5:35
Track 207. I Can’t Go Home 7:43
Track 208. Gotta Change The Rules 2:25
Track 209. Playing In The Dirt 6:57
Track 210. Nothin’ But A Woman 4:53
Track 211. Smoking Gun 6:39
59 mins

Disc 3
Hammersmith Odeon 1991
Track 301. Phone Booth 4:51
Track 302. I Guess I Showed Her 4:33
Track 303. These Things 6:52
Track 304. The Forecast 5:16
Track 305. Where Do I Go From Here? 6:28
Track 306. Move A Mountain 6:13
Track 307. Consequences 4:58
Track 308. Things You Do To Me 6:10
Track 309. Holding Court 6:19
Track 310. Walk Around Time 8:25
60 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Chicago 1987 [no label, 2CD]
Live at the Pavillion UIC, Chicago, IL; March 24, 1987. Very good to excellent FM broadcast. Paris Theatre; London, UK; 1979. Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA; February 22, 1984 – very good audience recording.

In the light of Chrissie Hynde’s debut solo album, Stockholm, which was released in June 2014, here are some Pretenders between 1979 and 1987, especially for those who enjoy the group’s Learning To Crawl album.

Thanks to devilwilly for sharing the Chicago/London tracks at Dime.

devilwilly noted:

This one is the TRUE complete concert which was broadcast in this form as far as I know only once on NDR 2 (Germany) in two parts in 1988. The whole concert is about 100 minutes and absolutely fantastic. The filler is the approximately a 30-minute BBC concert at the Paris Theatre, London from 1979, taken from the ORIGINAL (not the bootleg!) BBC Transcription LP.

Chicago 1987: Tuner – Grundig T 7500 > DAT > PC > WaveLab + plugins > Traders Little Helper [Level 8]
Paris Theatre 1979: BC Transcription LP > TDK C60 > Transfer to PC with Nakamichi Dragon > WaveLab + plugins > Traders Little Helper [Level 8]

Thanks also to blg/JEMS/MS Archive for sharing the Seattle 1984 tracks at Dime.

Taper: MS. Source: Nakamichi 700’s > Sony TC-D5m
Audio Transfer: MS master cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth-adjusted) > Sound Devices USBPre2 (24/96 Audacity 2.0 capture) > iZotope MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1
Mastering (BLG): Adobe Audition > Izotope Ozone 5 > WavePad (tracking) > xACT (tags) > FLAC

Disc 1
Track 101. Intro 1:20
Track 102. Room Full Of Mirrors 5:47
Track 103. Message Of Love 3:30
Track 104. The Adultress 4:02
Track 105. Time The Avenger 4:53
Track 106. Kid 4:47
Track 107. Light Of The Moon 4:31
Track 108. My Baby 4:41
Track 109. Private Life 7:33
Track 100. Hymn To Her 5:54
Track 101. Chill Factor 5:49
Track 102. Back On The Chain Gang 5:18
Track 103. My City Was Gone 5:19
Track 104. Up The Neck 4:42
68 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Bad Boys Get Spanked 5:03
Track 202. Middle Of The Road 4:10
Track 203. Precious 4:10
Track 204. Don’t Get Me Wrong 4:26
Track 205. Brass In Pocket 4:51
Track 206. Mystery Achievement 5:20
Track 207. The Wait 3:20
Track 208. Outro 0:07

Paris Theatre; London, UK; 1979
Track 209. The Wait 3:53
Track 210. Stop Your Sobbing 3:08
Track 211. Kid 3:44
Track 212. Cuban Slide 5:12
Track 213. Brass In Pocket 3:19
Track 214. Tattoes Love Boys 3:31
Track 215. Mystery Achievement 5:22

Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA; February 22, 1984
Track 216. Show Me 4:31
Track 217. Thin Line Between Love and Hate 4:20
Track 218. Watching the Clothes 2:47
Track 219. Thumbelina 3:53
76 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Throughout history, those who have copied the most have also always been the most prosperous, and for that reason. Bans on copying, like the copyright and patent monopolies, are just plain industrial protectionism. By Rick Falkvinge.

It often helps to understand present time by looking at history, and seeing how history keeps repeating itself over and over. In the late 1700s, the United Kingdom was the empire that established laws on the globe. The United States was still largely a colony – even if not formally so, it was referred to as such in the civilized world, meaning France and the United Kingdom. The UK had a strictly protectionist view of trade: all raw materials must come to England, and all luxury goods must be made from those materials while in the UK, to be exported to the rest of the world. Long story short, the UK was where the value was to be created.

Laws were written to lock in this effect. Bringing the ability to refine materials somewhere else, the mere knowledge, was illegal. “Illegal copying”, more precisely.

Click here for the article.


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SWR3 New Pop Festival 2014 [no label, 1CD]
Live in Baden Baden, Germany; September 11, 2014. Excellent audio, extracted from EinsPlus HD broadcast.

London Grammar are a relatively new British electronic pop trio formed by Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major; and they have been getting quite a buzz. They released their debut album, If You Wait, in September 2013.

London Grammar’s music has been described as “a blend of ambient, ethereal and classical sounds” with melancholy guitar, soaring vocals, plaintive lyrics and in the case of the track “Hey Now”, very heavy sub-bass. – wikipedia

Think trip-hop, or what trip-hop did next: chillout – given a bit of 2013 spit and polish. – The Guardian

Thanks to Verue and galexanders08011972 for sharing the show on the net.

Track 01. Intro 1:09
Track 02. Hey Now 8:23
Track 03. Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me 3:48
Track 04. Interlude 4:48
Track 05. Wasting My Young Years 4:25
Track 06. Flickers 7:10
Track 07. Nightcall 5:04
Track 08. Sights 4:56
Track 09. Stay Awake 3:02
Track 10. Strong 6:51
Track 11. Metal & Dust 5:39
56 mins

Hannah Reid – vocals
Dan Rothman – guitar
Dominic ‘Dot’ Major – keyboards, percussion

Click here for the tracks.


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Lee Kung-lok’s 3D Naked Ambition (2014) is a look on the lighter side of the Japanese adult video industry but with Chapman To and his unlikely comments on the stuff of Hongkongers, the film has become much more relevant in spite of itself. Stephen Tan reviews.

While thousands of Hongkongers took to the streets to take part in the Occupy Central movement (click here), many at home ended up watching TVB series, Line Walker, trying to figure out the undercover agents in the policier. Perhaps the more pertinent and certainly the more resonant film is Lee Kung-lok’s 3D Naked Ambition (2014). In the face of actual police brutality, Naked Ambition star, Chapman To, posted on Facebook: “When Chapman To, the one who offends everyone, speaks up, (it can be) a small thing. But now, Chow Yun Fat, the one whom everyone wants to take a picture with, says you are doing something. Even Tony Leung, the one who doesn’t speak a lot, has spoken. You are in big trouble.”

Click here for the article.


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Featuring David Crosby
Back To The Nest [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Rockefellers, Houston, TX; August 21, 1988 (early show). Very good soundboard.

David Crosby was arrested and jailed on drug and weapons charges in Texas in May 1982. Crosby was sentenced to two terms, but the conviction was overturned; arrested several more times, he finally turned himself in to the authorities in December 1985. He would spend eight months in prison. Based on a promise he made to Crosby should he clean himself up, Neil Young  rejoined CSN in the studio upon Crosby’s release from prison for American Dream in 1988. – Wikipedia

Thanks to the person who shared this on the net in 2006.

Uploader’s notes: “The first live appearance of David Crosby after prison.”

The Graham Nash Band
Track 01. Military Madness 3:10
Track 02. Pre-Road Downs 3:53
Track 03. Chippin’ Away 4:49
Track 04. Over The Wall 4:10
Track 05. Keep Away From Me 4:14
Track 06. I Used To Be A King 5:49
Track 07. Glass And Steel 5:08

David Crosby, Graham Nash and the band
Track 08. Critical Mass 1:23
Track 09. Wind On The Water 5:07
Track 10. Just A Song Before I Go 2:34
Track 11. Carry Me 4:35
Track 12. Compass 5:48
Track 13. Guinnevere 6:24
Track 14. Our House 5:01
Track 15. Teach Your Children 3:08

Bonus (Late Show)
Track 16 Chicago    3:59
70 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Crawley 1993 [no label, 1CD]
Live at Outside-In, Hawth Centre, Crawley, UK; September 1993. Excellent FM broadcast.

While the music is not considered ear-shattering, it is also not for the faint-hearted.

Thanks to PsyKies for sharing the tracks at Dime.

PsyKies noted:

Recorded by me off air direct from the original broadcast in 1993 to a Panasonic Hi-Fi VHS video recorder in SP audio only mode. Sometime in the mid to late 1990s I misguidedly transferred all my radio recordings to VHS LP audio mode. This combined with the age of the tapes has resulted in some evident distortion throughout. Transferred to CD-R in the late 1990s and converted to FLAC in September 2009.

BBC Radio 3 FM > Denon TU-400L tuner > VHS > VHS LP > Soundblaster 128 > CEP > CD-R > EAC > FLAC

Track 01. Improv – Part A 11:03
Track 02. Improv – Part B 10:24
Track 03. Improv – Part C 7:53
Track 04. Improv – Part D 4:58
35 mins

Tony Oxley – drums, voice
Derek Bailey – guitar
Pat Thomas – keyboards, electronics
Matt Wand – drum machine, tape switchboard

Click here for the tracks.

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