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Austria 2015 [no label, 1CD]
Love for Chet, INNtone Festival, Diersbach, Austria; May 23, 2015. Very good satellite radio.

In the world of jazz trumpet players, there is a musician who has left his indelible mark on the hearts and souls of its audience: Chet Baker. Chet was an angel with broken wings, Chet had this very unique ability to speak to our mind. He touched the heart of the audience like no other. Chet has fascinated the greatest: Charlie Parker, Gerry Mulligan, Bill Evans, Elvis Costello,Stan Getz, NHOP, Michel Grailler, Ricardo del Fra, Doug Raney to name a few. He passed away prematurely in 1988, but his music is still alive, and will remain for ever magical and captivating.

No need to present Stéphane Belmondo, trumpet and flugelhorn player, renowned musician and composer, awarded of many prices and distinctions in Europe. Stéphane is surely one of the most talented, popular and most appreciated French jazz musicians. The connection between Stéphane Belmondo and Chet Baker is obvious: in the ’80s they met and played together several times in Paris. Stéphane deeply admired Chet, and Chet was very touched by this young trumpet player, one of his favorites in the young generation.

It took a long time for Stéphane to think about the idea of recording a tribute to Chet Baker, his hero. Stéphane collaborated with Yusef Lateef, Milton Nascimento, Michel Legrand or Dee Dee Bridgewater to name a few, recorded a beautiful homage to Lili Boulanger, to Stevie Wonder. It was a long and necessary trip before recording this tribute to Chet. –

+ + + + +

Thanks to elgaucho for sharing the show at Dime.

Picture by Rudi Klaffenböck, posted at – Thanks!

01: France Musique (dvb-s, mp2, 256 kbps)/ mp3directcut / mp2
02 to 08: WRD 3 (dvb-s, mp2, 320 kbps)/ mp3directcut / mp2

Track 01. Beatrice 8:48
Track 02. With A Song In My Heart 10:50
Track 03. Announcements 9:28
Track 04. You Can’t Go Home Again 11:35
Track 05. Love For Sale 8:26
Track 06. La Chanson d’Hélène 6:18
Track 07. Seven Steps To Heaven 1:20
Track 08. Daddy And I 8:39
66 mins

Stéphane Belmondo – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jesse van Ruller – guitar
Sylvain Romano – bass

Click here for the tracks.

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Portland 2016 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the OPB Studios, Portland, Oregon; June 16, 2016. Excellent audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

The new supergroup Case/lang/Veirs (that’s Neko Case, kd lang, and Laura Veirs) – three accomplished and highly individual voices – play their new record at the Oregon Public Broadcasting studio, a day before its June 17 release.

Power trio barely seems to scratch the surface. The new record teaming up Neko Case, Laura Veirs, and kd lang has arrived. Case/lang/Veirs is a collaborative effort loaded with luscious melody, searing song craft, and ready to contend for most-anticipated summer spin.

lang, who moved to Portland in 2012, kicked it off with an email to Case and Veirs, testing the waters. “It was a gamble really,” said Case. “I mean, I knew Laura a bit and I had met kd and we got along, but when you commit to a project like this, the odds of getting two other people who show up, and do what they say they are going to do, it’s not always in the cards.”

It took three years, but with diligence, creative scheduling, and three intensive trips bringing Case into the songwriting mix, they had enough material to start recording at Floratone Studios in Portland, with Veirs’ husband Tucker Martine producing.

+ + + + +

Thanks to indykid for sharing the webcast at Dime.

Track 01. Atomic Number 3:42
Track 02. Honey And Smoke 3:13
Track 03. Song for Judee 3:18
Track 04. Blue Fires 3:28
Track 05. Delirium 2:55
Track 06. Greens of June 5:06
Track 07. Behind the Armory 3:02
Track 08. Best Kept Secret 4:10
Track 09. 1000 Miles Away 3:28
Track 10. Supermoon 4:00
Track 11. I Want to Be Here 3:30
Track 12. Down I-5 3:44
Track 13. Why Do We Fight 3:06
Track 14. Georgia Stars 4:53
52 mins

Neko Case – vocals, guitar
kd lang – vocals, guitar
Laura Veirs – vocals, guitar
Johnny Sangster – guitar
Lex Price – bass
Barbara Gruska – drums
Steve Moore – keyboards

Click here for the tracks.


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Humble Pie Reunion Demos 1991 [no label, 1CD]
Los Angeles, CA; Early 1991. Very good soundboard.

Humble Pie was formed in late 1968 when Steve Marriott, guitarist and incomparable blues rock vocalist, left the Small Faces, and joined forces with guitarist/singer Peter Frampton, formerly of The Herd, ex-Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley, and 17 year-old drummer Jerry Shirley. Few people today remember Steve Marriott, and that’s a pity. His voice was what Jimmy Page wanted Robert Plant to sound like, and Plant openly emulated Marriott. Humble Pie’s fade out from rock consciousness was due to multitude of factors. Their studio albums were relatively poor sellers, and relying so heavily on cover songs probably worked against them. The group disbanded in 1975, reunited briefly in 1979, then saw Marriott quit and move back to England in 1983. In 1991, he and Peter Frampton were collaborating on a possible HP reunion in California, when Steve rather abruptly flew home to England. Marriott was tragically killed in a fire at his home on April 19, 1991. -

+ + + + +

Thanks to whotrader for sharing these tracks at The Traders’ Den.

whotrader noted: “I didn’t receive any information with the CDR when I received [it]. The song titles are all guesses and the style of music really varies from song to song.”

? > cdr trade circa 1995
Transfer: EAC > Flac level 8

Track 01. Scratch My Back 4:10
Track 02. Why I Need the Blues 4:14
Track 03. Rolling Stone part 2 4:02
Track 04. And the Band Played On 4:38
Track 05. The Bigger They Come I 4:21
Track 06. Groove By You I 0:21
Track 07. The Bigger They Come II 4:17
Track 08. I Won’t Let You Down I 4:31
Track 09. The Bigger They Come III 4:20
Track 10. Groove By You II 3:11
Track 11. Cold Hearted Head 2:28
Track 12. I Won’t Let You Down II 4:36
46 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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It is worth repeating ‘when elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers’. The African proverb’s essence is simplicity – when the large fight, it is the small who suffer most. By Paul Craig Roberts.

July 17 was the second anniversary of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and we still do not know the explanation. Washington and its European vassal politicians and media instantly politicized the event: The Russians did it. End of story. After 15 months of heavy anti-Russian propaganda had imprinted the message on peoples’ minds, the Dutch Safety Board issued its inconclusive report.

By then, it was irrelevant what the report said. Everyone already knew that “the Russians did it.”

I remember when pre-trial media accusations resulted in dismissed cases. Anyone declared guilty prior to presentation of evidence and conviction was considered to have been convicted in advance and unable to receive a fair trail. Such cases were dismissed by judges.

Click here for the article.


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Bremen 1979 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Uni-Mensa, Bremen, Germany; December 1, 1979. Very good FM broadcast.

Maria Muldaur is best known for her 1974 mega-hit “Midnight at the Oasis,” which received several Grammy nominations, and enshrined her forever in the hearts of Baby Boomers everywhere; but despite her considerable pop music success, her 50-year career could best be described a long and adventurous odyssey through the various forms of American Roots Music. During the folk revival of the early ’60s, she began exploring and singing early Blues, Bluegrass and Appalachian “Old Timey” Music, beginning her recording career in 1963 with the Even Dozen Jug Band and shortly thereafter, joining the very popular Jim Kweskin Jug Band, touring and recording with them throughout the ’60s.

Her critically acclaimed 2001 Stony Plain Records release, Richland Woman Blues, was nominated for a Grammy and by the Blues Foundation as Best Traditional Blues Album of the Year, as was the follow up to that album, Sweet Lovin’ Ol’ Soul. In 2011 Maria released Steady Love, a contemporary electric Blues album that reflects the kind of music she loves to perform live – what she calls “Bluesiana Music” – her own brand of New Orleans-flavored Blues, R&B and “Swamp Funk.”

From folk to blues to the Grateful Dead… that’s the First Lady of American Roots Music for you.

+ + + + +

Thanks to Tomyoungster for sharing the show at Dime.

Picture by Michael Ochs, posted on the net – Thanks!

FM (analog cable) – Audacity – xACT
Nordwestradio In concert: Pop & Jazz

Track 01. Brickyard Blues (Allen Toussaint) 4:12
Track 02. Heart Of Fire 4:17
Track 03. It Ain’t The Meat, It’s The Motion 3:16
Track 04. My Tennessee Mountain Home (Dolly Parton) 3:38
Track 05. Wheelers And Dealers 7:28
Track 06. Lover Man 5:01
Track 07. That’s The Way Love Is 4:31
Track 08. Clean-up Woman 5:38
Track 09. Cajun Moon (JJ Cale) 5:09
Track 10. Walkin’ One And Only (Dan Hicks) 3:18
Track 11. Midnight At The Oasis 4:52
Track 12. Standin’ (Bonnie Raitt) 2:58
55 mins

Maria Muldaur – vocals, fiddle
Jim Rothermel – saxophone, harmonica
John Gurton – guitar
Rick Schaefer – keyboards
Charles Magarian – bass
Rick Alegria – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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Lucca 2016 [no label, 1CD]
Lucca Summer Festival, Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy; July 16, 2016. Very good FM broadcast.

As glasnostrd19 commented at Dime: “First Neil FM I’ve heard of from this tour/band (and first FM with Change Your Mind since Farm Aid 1994).”

Thanks to survivor69 for sharing the show at zombtracker.

survivor69 noted:

Neil gave permission to broadcast ONLY a part of the set, around 68 mins, with the band and not the “solo” tracks. At the end of it, they transmitted a couple of short interviews recorded during the same afternoon, in English then translated into Italian.

Furthermore, when Neil was onstage for the “unbroadcast” acoustic numbers, radio hosts left the “stage” microphones switched on while introducing other things, so that in the VERY BACKGROUND behind the radio commentaries you can hear pieces of neil’s numbers… I have included in the folder those small bits as tracks A/B/C.

+ + + + +

Picture by Francesco Prandoni, posted at – Thanks!

Lineage (FM > Hard Disc > web):
A live and direct FM radio broadcast by “Radio2Live”, Radio2 RAI [second channel of italian national radio].
ITT HiFi4060 Tuner > Audacity 2.0  via  Asus A7S333 C-Media CMI8738/C3DX soundcard > 44100hz/16bit .aup > flac level 8

Track 01. Out On The Weekend 5:01
Track 02. From Hank To Hendrix 5:37
Track 03. Human Higway 4:32
Track 04. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 3:55
Track 05. Harvest Moon 5:47
Track 06. Unknown Legend 5:06
Track 07. Volare 4:04
Track 08. Real Cowboys 3:55
Track 09. On The Road Again 3:08
Track 10. Winterlong 5:11
Track 11. Alabama 4:18
Track 12. Walk On 4:32
Track 13. Change Your Mind 13:47
Track 14. radioutros 0:47
Track 15. interview Neil 5:07
Track 16. interview Lukas Nelson 4:21
79 mins

Track 17A. Heart of Gold 1:25
Track 18B. Comes a Time 0:32
Track 19C. Mother Earth 1:42

Neil Young – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica
Lukas Nelson – electric guitar, piano, vocals [sings track 07]
Micah Nelson – electric guitar, electric charango, piano, synthesizer, vocals
Corey McCormick – bass, vocals
Anthony Logerfo – drums
Tato Melgar – percussion

Click here for the tracks.


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‘Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown’ [innerwreckdom-cd001, 1CD]
Unknown dates. Home recordings? Outtakes? in-studio chatter? Good to fairly to soundboard?

This fan-made compilation recently surfaced on the net. While it’s a quaint collectible for the fans, there is also a suspicion that some of it might be (unwittingly?) fake.

What do you think? Is it the real thing? Too good to be true?

+ + + + +

Thanks to rogerlancelot for making the effort and for sharing the compilation at The Traders’ Den.

rogerlancelot noted:

I don’t know why but I’ve always been a fan of Lennon’s avant-garde leanings. I made this CD for my own amusement but realized that there might be some other souls out there who would get a kick out of this. Basically, this is a mash-up I made from several small sections of Lennon’s Kenwood attic home studio recordings recorded in 1966-1968 and although some of this material has been covered in text books, nobody seems to agree when exactly these were recorded.

Here are a few facts that you need to know to help you decide if you want to bother with this or not:

– The quality on this is not EX studio quality but at least VG and at times the hiss was unavoidable.

– I credited this monstrosity to The Beatles although there is only one track with Paul (“My Mother Was A Seaman”) and George only appears briefly at the end of the very last track (“Goodbye”). It is mostly John and Ringo and friends.

– There are 12 tracks (mostly under a minute long) that I did not mess with. Many of those appeared as a medley called “Chi Chi’s Café”. The source for these was from The Lost Lennon Tapes radio series where audience sounds were added by the makers of that program. Unfortunately, I do not have access to those pieces without the audience and would love to hear what was on the entire reel uninterrupted.

– The other 27 tracks are of my own creation. I cut everything into sections and sacrilegiously created my own pieces of music/dialogue in fabulous stereo.

– It is known that John Lennon recorded a lot of material in his attic studio (pre-Two Virgins) but it does not leak into the bootlegging community. What we do have is frustratingly awful at times. I feel that I have made it all into something more listenable although some people who do not care for this material won’t make it far into the CD before abandoning it.

– It is often said that John made these recording with friends under the influence of LSD. Although that explains a lot, it also points out why these recordings are “inaccessible” to the average Beatle fan.

– Most of this material is so unloved that it is scarce and not even included with the “definitive” Looking Through The Envelope set which actually inspired me to make this album. Hey, maybe some of this stuff you maybe never heard before?

– I speed corrected tracks, made over 100 manual repairs (a microphone with a short had too many clicks and pops to worry about) and I synced up what were obvious overdubs spread over tapes to create stereo demos (“Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Julia”). Also, a lot of material was recorded at half speed sounding “chipmunk-ish” and I was able to unearth a lot of stuff by slowing down those sections.

– Musically, I did not focus on serious demos such as “She Said She Said” or “Strawberry Fields Forever” but shifted focus to unfinished songs and early versions of “Cry Baby Cry”, etc.

– Overall, the effect is somewhere between Two Virgins, Lumpy Gravy and the Beatles Xmas records from 1966 and 1967.

– I won’t forget to mention that I added a touch of reverb to the entire thing as an artistic decision. All 39 tracks go into one another without a break. Do not burn this disc with pauses between tracks or you’ll miss the whole point.

– Sources that I used for this album were RMW’s Unforgettable Bonus CD (oddly, I still had to speed it up a little bit), Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969, Lazy Tortoise September 1966-February 1967, Zed Is For Zapple, For No One (for “Good Morning Good Morning” although I used the rest of that particular reel from Lost Home Tapes for a lot of this CD) and some other bits floating on my many hard drives. All of it was sourced from lossless FLAC format copies.
Anyway, play it loud and totally annoy (sorry, supposed to be “enjoy”) yourselves!

None of this has been officially released in any form.

+ + + + +

silver cds > EAC WAV > Presonus Studio One II > Audacity > TLH

Track 01. Hello 1:20
Track 02. Stand Together 2:40
Track 03. Good Morning Good Morning 1:03
Track 04. Chi Chi’s Bar 0:25
Track 05. What Exactly Are We Doing 0:54
Track 06. Jolly Jumping Pally Poodles 0:16
Track 07. Let’s Have A Good Time Party 1:26
Track 08. The Awful Parcel 3:16
Track 09. Keep A Shine In Your Nose And Your Clothes Clean 0:31
Track 10. She Can Talk To Me 4:25
Track 11. I Spent An Afternoon Shaving In The Dark 4:02
Track 12. Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown 0:25
Track 13. She’s Walking Past My Door 2:00
Track 14. We Can Help You 4:58
Track 15. Another Golden Gasser 0:16
Track 16. Mrs Tiggywinkle Part 1 2:35
Track 17. One Long Bad News 1:38
Track 18. La Camparsita 0:30
Track 19. Cry Baby Cry 4:07
Track 20. Laughing Eyes 1:48
Track 21. Brazilian Song 1:00
Track 22. Set Me Free Across The Universe 3:20
Track 23. This Is Not The First Time We Have Met Like This 1:46
Track 24. Stranger In My Arms 3:32
Track 25. Strawberry Fields Forever – Rehearsal 1:00
Track 26. Strawberry Fields Forever 2:06
Track 27. Pedro The Fisherman 1:04
Track 28. My Mother Was A Seaman 1:37
Track 29. Page 43 1:27
Track 30. Down In Cuba 2:07
Track 31. Messengers Of Light 1:35
Track 32. Mrs. Tiggywinkle Part 2 2:39
Track 33. Down In Eastern Australia 0:16
Track 34. Two Poots And A Pot 4:06
Track 35. Mr Whiteout 2:39
Track 36. The Breakdown 5:24
Track 37. Julia 2:56
Track 38. Whenever You Go 1:51
Track 39. Goodbye 0:46
80 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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London 1971 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK; May 8, 1971 (second show). Very good soundboard. Incomplete show.

Santana IV, released on April 15, 2016, is the group’s 23rd studio album. The album reunites the early 1970s classic lineup of Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Mike Carabello and Michael Shrieve and marks the first time in 45 years – since 1971’s multi-platinum classic Santana III – that the quintet has recorded together.

Santana told Billboard what it was like playing together again after all these years:

We started playing and it was like watching dolphins jump in the ocean again after being at Sea World or something. We just went in there and started jumping around and chirping and laughing, and before we knew it time just passed like crazy and we had the first 12 (songs) and then 24 and then 42, just jams of songs. There was an immediate chemistry again. When I close my eyes and I hear the sound emanating from everybody it is intact, who we are and what we do from the Fillmore and the Carousel and the Avalon Ballroom to Woodstock and beyond. This is the sound. We always made our music from jamming. We just play off each other, and that’s exactly what happened this time, the same formula – with more knowledge.

+ + + + +

Thanks to greendude for sharing the 1971 Hammersmith show at Lossless Legs.

3rd generation tape > CDR > CDEx > Flac Front End > TLH

Track 01. Batuka/Ballin 9:38
Track 02. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 6:13
Track 03. Jungle Strut 5:50
Track 04. Incident At Neshabur 5:25
Track 05. Toussaint L’Overture/Evil Ways 11:51
Track 06. Se A Cabo 3:53
Track 07. Everybody’s Everything/Gumbo 9:34
Track 08. Soul Sacrifice 14:37
Track 09. Savor/Jingo 8:20
76 mins

Carlos Santana – guitar
Neal Schon – guitar
Gregg Rolie – keyboards, vocals
David Brown – bass
Michael Shrieve – drums
Jose Chepito Areas – timbales
Michael Carabello – congas
Coke Escovedo – percussion

Click here for the tracks.


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By Shehzade Mustafa

It is hard to be shocked these days, but sometimes you just can’t help but be amazed by the audacity of some of the media. Below is a list (by no means complete) of irresponsible, inaccurate and downright malicious reporting by Western media outlets on the attempted coup in Turkey. It exposes many of them to be engaging in propaganda and duplicitous behaviour that would be unbecoming of even a high school newspaper.

The Independent has been working hard to be as biased as possible against Erdogan. Here they are putting quotation marks around the word “treason” because apparently a deadly military coup against a civilian government leaves some room for doubt on whether it is a crime against the state.

Click here for the article.


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Lisboa 2016 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the SuperBock Super Rock Festival, Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal; July 14, 2016. Very good FM broadcast.

Cincinnati indie band The National have been around since 1999 but for many listeners, they are still under the radar. Four of the band’s albums were included on NME’s 2013 list of the 500 greatest albums of all time – Trouble Will Find Me (2013); Boxer (2007); Alligator (2005) and High Violet (2010).

Thanks to dcr666 for sharing the Lisboa show at Dime.

dcr666 noted: “Incomplete concert broadcast on Antena 3, only the main set without the encore.”

JVC-MXD301T FM Receiver > M-Audio Quattro > Audacity (tracksplitting and fades) > TLH > Flac level 8

Track 01. Don’t Swallow the Cap 4:30
Track 02. I Should Live in Salt 3:34
Track 03. Bloodbuzz Ohio 5:06
Track 04. The Day I Die 4:16
Track 05. Afraid of Everyone 4:41
Track 06. I Need My Girl 3:47
Track 07. This Is the Last Time 4:14
Track 08. Find A Way 6:00
Track 09. Sea of Love 3:28
Track 10. Slow Show 4:21
Track 11. Pink Rabbits 4:05
Track 12. England 5:39
Track 13. Fake Empire 3:45
Track 14. I’m Gonna Keep You 4:11
62 mins

Not broadcast:
Mr November
Terrible Love
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Click here for the tracks.

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