Dallas 1994 First Night [Uxbridge, 2CD]

Live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, TX; September 2, 1994. Excellent soundboard.

Here’s another show for Steely Dan fans. Thanks to buttmanos for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

Uploader’s notes:

Here is a fantastic soundboard recording from the 94 tour. The quality exceeds that of Irvine ’94 as that show is lacking in the bottom-end department. This one more than makes up for it! Indeed, we have a great stereo spread and a crystalline, transparent capture – this may be the best sounding Steely Dan ROIO ever. It is certainly in the upper echelon. Plus, we have a great backing band and an even better setlist.

Disc 1
Track 101. Instrumental Overture (The Royal Scam/Parker’s Band/the Fez)
Track 102. Aja
Track 103. Reelin In the Years
Track 104. Josie (with Drum Solo)
Track 105. Hey Nineteen
Track 106. Down in the Bottom
Track 107. Sign in Stranger
Track 108. Peg
Track 109. Walter’s Band Introductions
Track 110. Babylon Sisters
Track 111. Black Friday

Disc 2
Track 201. True Companion
Track 202. Green Earrings
Track 203. Bodhisattva
Track 204. Deacon Blues
Track 205. Tomorrow’s Girls
Track 206. Hard Up Case
Track 207. Chain Lightning
Track 208. Third World Man
Track 209. Kid Charlemagne
Track 210. My Old School
Track 211. FM

Donald Fagen: Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Melodica
Walter Becker: Guitar, Vocals
along with:
“The Citizen Steely Dan Orchestra 1994″
Dennis Chambers: Drums
Bill Ware III: Vibes, Congas, Percussion
Tom Barney: 5-string Bass
Georg Wadenius: Guitars
Warren Bernhardt: Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes
Diane Garisto: Vocals
Brenda White-King: Vocals
Catherine Russell: Vocals
Chris Potter: Tenor Sax
Cornelius Bumpus: Tenor Sax
Bob Shepard: Tenor, Alto and Soprano Sax

Click here for the tracks.