Hawaii 1970 [no label, 1CD]

Rehearsal recordings, Opaglua Lodge Cahu, Hawaii; June 4, 1970. Excellent soundboard.

Here’s some unadulterated guitar magic from John Cipollina.

Thanks to 38f for sharing these tracks at Dime and to amellowsoul for keeping them alive.

Original notes:

Basically those are the rehearsals for Cobra and Won’t Kill Me.

Spectacular sounboard studio recording never circulated before straight from a John’s master that was given to me by him as a gift for my birthday. A copy of this tape was sent by me to SK some years ago, so it was a first generation tape, now I decided to share this master, cause it does not make any sense that other friends like all of you cannot listen to this beauty. Obviously, this tape being a rehearsal, most of the songs are not complete and some drops are present sometimes… you know the deal and enjoy it!

Master reel to reel > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 equalizer > tascam cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac

Track 01. Cobra
Track 02. Tuning
Track 03. Cobra
Track 04. Chat
Track 05. Cobra
06. (omitted cause is just blank tape)
Track 07. Guitar Jam
Track 08. Won’t Kill Me
Track 09. Won’t Kill Me
Track 10. Drums
Track 11. Won’t Kill Me
Track 12. Won’t Kill Me
Track 13. Won’t Kill Me
Track 14. Won’t Kill Me
Track 15. Won’t Kill Me
Track 16. Won’t Kill Me
Track 17. Won’t Kill Me
Track 18. Cobra Acoustic (1 channel only)
Track 19. Cobra Acoustic
Track 20. Won’t Kill Me
Track 21. Won’t Kill Me
Track 22. Won’t Kill Me (with Dino Valenti on vocals)
Track 23. Won’t Kill Me (with Dino on vocals)
Track 24. Won’t Kill Me (with Dino on vocals)
Track 25. Won’t Kill Me (with Dino on vocals)
Track 26. Won’t Kill Me (with Dino on vocals)
Track 27. Won’t Kill Me (with Dino on vocals)
Track 28. Just For Love

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