Newport Jazz Festival 1969 [A DoinkerTape, 2CD]

Live At The Newport Jazz Festival; July 6, 1969. Good to very good audience recording.

Thanks to Doinker who originally shared the show at Dime; and to jbarrowsrn for keeping the show alive at

Doinker’s notes:

The performances of the two artists of this show really could not be separated. The announcements during and between sets connect them as one event, so they are presented together. BB King performs first, then Johnny Winter, and then BB King JOINS Johnny Winter for a jam session that has to be heard to be believed. To say they go a little crazy together is an understatement.

These over-the-top performances, that you can listen to over and over again!

Even though part of this recording needed speed correction, that’s not a pitch problem you hear. BB’s guitar is “funky-style” out of tune. Not out of tune to itself, but pitched slightly out-of-key. It certainly adds another dimension to the sound of his band. You’ll notice it more on the jam with Johnny Winter.

MR > R- > ??R?? > Sound Forge > 16 cent slowdown (3/5 of 1/4 of one note) for part of show > FLAC via Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified
2nd gen AUD reel-to-reel tape with known lineage (rec1)
Several glitches in the original tape were smoothed out. Pitch was matched and maintained throughout with “Virtual Keyboard”.

Thanks also to texashash for the corrected tracklist; and thanks to mroscoe for the artwork (modified here).

Disc 1
BB King (33:52)
Track 101. Every Day I Have The Blues
Track 102. How Blue Can You Get?
Track 103. Whole Lot Of Lovin’
Track 104. All Over Again
Track 105. That’s Wrong Little Mama
Track 106. Please Accept My Love (Instrumental)
Track 107. Band Intros
Track 108. Why I Sing The Blues

Disc 2
Johnny Winter (38:22)
Track 201. Leland Mississippi Blues
Track 202. Black Cat Bone
Track 203. Mean Town Blues
Track 204. It’s My Own Fault

BB King With Johnny Winter (26:59)
Track 205. Every Day I Have The Blues Jam
Track 206. Five Long Years Jam

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