Denver 1974 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado, January 30, 1974

Maria Muldaur is better known as a folk and country singer but she might have shown her R&B roots on the opening two tracks, Chauffeur Blues and Any Old Time, in this 1974 show at Ebbets Field in Denver.

Apart from her hit song, Midnight At The Oasis, Muldaur has a varied and distinguished musical background – from jug band music to The Friends of Old Timey Music to what is known as the “bluesiana” sound.

As part of our celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, here is a captivating performance by Maria Muldaur.

Thanks to shopkin527 for sharing the lossless music files. Shopkin527 noted: “Received this in trade a while back as ‘FM’ sourced, but after a close listen, this could possibly be pre-FM and very close to the analog master.”

Thanks too to CHerrmann57, who shared the artwork.

01. Chauffeur Blues
02. Any Old Time
03. Midnight At The Oasis
04. In My Tennessee Mountain Home
05. Sweet Potato
06. Three Dollar Bill
07. I Never Did Sing You A Love Song
08. Walkin’ One And Only
09. The Work Song
10. Earl’s Crab Shack
11. Georgia On My Mind
12. I’m A Woman

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