Wonderful Cliff [Fremus, 1CD]

Rarities compilation, including tracks from Cliff’s Cliff Richard Show 1969-1971. Excellent SBD stereo.

At some point, assuming the tapes weren’t wiped long ago, a DVD collection of the original Cliff Richard TV show… Summer Holiday (1970), It’s Cliff Richard (1970-71), Getaway With Cliff (1971)… will hurtle down the pike and remind us all what a terrific show it was.

Until then, Wonderful Cliff claims to round up no less than 22 songs from these programs, a skillful blend of recent recordings, one-off favorites and classic hits, pounded out with the kind of electrifying accompaniment that hallmarked his work a full decade earlier.

01. I Gotta Know (omitted)
02. The Snake And The Bookworm (omitted)
03. Twenty Flight Rock (omitted)
04. Mean Woman Blues (omitted)
05. Choppin’ ‘n’ Chargin’ (omitted)
06. We Have It Made (omitted)
07. Tell Me (omitted)
08. I Love You (omitted)
09. I’m Willing To Learn (omitted)
Track 10. Gee Whizz It’s You
Track 11. True Love Will Come To You
12. I Want You To Know (omitted)
Track 13. I Only Live to Love You
Track 14. True True Lovin’
Track 15. I Wonder
Track 16. Now It’s The Time To Fall In Love
Track 17. Boum
Track 18. I Only Know I Love You
Track 19. Feelin’ Groovy*
Track 20. Dance With The Guitar Man*
Track 21. Wake Up Little Susie*
Track 22. Bye Bye Love*

*Live on the Cliff Richard Show, 1969-1971
Tracks 1-9, 12 can be found on Rock ‘n’ Roll Years 1958-1963.

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