When We Were Kings (Empress Valley EVSD 256-259, 4CD set)

Live at Earl’s Court Arena, London, UK, May 25, 1975.

Only a few more weeks before Led Zeppelin’s reunion in London. Meanwhile, here’s an excellent soundboard recording of their final show at Earl’s Court in 1975.

No Quarter is highlighted with an excellent duel between John Paul Jones’ grand piano and Jimmy Page’s guitar pounding and riffing over 24 minutes. The band close their final night with two encores of Heartbreaker and Communication Breakdown.

It’s hard to imagine so much power from four men on a stage.

Disc 1
1 Intro by Alan Freeman
2 Rock And Roll
3 Sick Again
4 Over The Hills And Far Away
5 In My Time Of Dying*
6 The Song Remains The Same
7 The Rain Song
8 Kashmir

Disc 2
1 No Quarter
2 Tangerine
3 Going To California*
4 That’s The Way*
5 Bron-yr-Aur Stomp*
6 Trampled Underfoot*

Disc 3
1 Moby Dick
2 Dazed And Confused
3 Stairway To Heaven*

Disc 4
1 Whole Lotta Love
2 Black Dog
3 Heartbreaker
4 Communication Breakdown

* Officially released

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