Port Chester 1970 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, New York, Oct 14, 1970.

This show was just a few days before Santana released Abraxas on Oct 26. You’ll get to hear Abraxas fresh with the same band that recorded it at Wally Heider’s Studio, San Francisco, in June and July.

Hear Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Se A Cabo and Incident At Neshabur as you never will again. Santana’s playing is fluid and friendly. This was before the fame, the drugs, the fights. Music was paramount to money. The message was Latino culture rocks.

Tunes like Evil Ways are played so close to the recorded version. Just a hint of extrapolation before veering back to the groove. The world sat up, took notice, and two songs from Abraxas became timeless classics for FM radio.

This is one of two shows played that evening. This show has never been officially released before. - Professor Red

1 Se A Cabo
2 Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
3 Savor
4 Jingo [the sound drops in mid-song]
5 Oye Como Va
6 Toussaint L’overture
7 Evil Ways
8 Treat
9 Persuasion
10 Gumbo
11 Incident At Neshabur
12 Conquistadore Rides Again

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