Impeach My Bush [XL]

Peaches doesn’t need to write a book titled: “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People.” She sings it. Of course, folks who think that Peaches (aka Merrill Nisker) is a slut talking dirty are woefully wrong. On this cleverly titled album, Impeach My Bush, Peaches proclaims that war is the real pornography. As she sings on the album centrepiece, Fuck or Kill: “I rather fuck who I want than kill who I am told to.” It’s a wonderful statement because you can imagine all the Christian fundamentalist neo-cons who preach piously against abortion while blissfully supporting new wars getting upset about this.

And to prove it, the following tracks are in-yer-face sex songs. Tent in Your Pants puts it bluntly: “we are gonna wash that pole, scrub that pole baby.” Or Slippery Dick’s dirty talk: “Toss freaker/Floss tweaker/Sauce leaker/Moss shrieker”. Comparatively, Madonna was a convent nun.

Peaches album (this is her third) makes you wonder whether she’s run the course of her dirty talk. After all, the music and her electroclash beats don’t seem to vary too much. This time round, fem rocker Joan Jett solos on You Love It while Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme can be heard on Give ‘er. Perhaps you can think of her as a one-woman Ramones.

As she says: “Well, disempowering is when you haven’t made the decision yourself. Because, let’s look at Madonna, too. She really played with it at the beginning and I wasn’t really a big fan of Madonna. I didn’t really get it… I don’t really see it (being a female artiste) as sexed up and empowering. I just see it as empowering everything. Just go full on, you know? Like Iggy Pop or something like that just give it all of your 500 percent energy, everything.”

If you don’t like it, you can impeach (her) Bush! (7) – Philip Cheah

Click here to listen to a recent 2006 concert by Peaches.