New York 2010 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Tribeca Grill, New York City, NY. April 24, 2010. Very good Sirius radio broadcast.

This New York show, at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Grill, was a charity event for the Kristen Ann Carr Fund, where Stevie Van Zandt and his wife, Maureen, were also being honoured. In a statement, Stevie Van Zandt (currently of the E Street Band and Soprano cast member), said: “We first met around 1980 to discuss reuniting the band and have tried every five years or so. Maureen suggested we give it one more shot and sure enough it took Kristen’s amazing spirit to finally get it done.”

The best of soul can plumb the depths of your heart and it can also raise you up high – think of Clarence Carter’s Patches and The Persuaders’ Thin Line Between Love And Hate. For this show, as perhaps befitting the occasion and the charity behind it, this is sweet soul music that’s as life-affirming as you can get.

Thanks to Ernie Clark for the tip off and to for sharing the broadcast.

Track 01. I’ve Been Lonely Too Long
Track 02. In The Midnight Hour
Track 03. I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
Track 04. You Better Run
Track 05. A Beautiful Morning
Track 06. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Track 07. Groovin’
Track 08. A Girl Like You
Track 09. How Can I Be Sure
Track 10. Come On Up
Track 11. What Is The Reason
Track 12. People Got To Be Free
Track 13. Good Lovin’ (with Bruce Springsteen)
Track 14. See

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