When you watch Roman Polanski’s latest film you inevitably have to deal with the issue of Polanski himself – he’s an excellent example of the artist-director who does interesting to great films but whose private life, or opinions, or deeds tend to overshadow that work. As Critic After Dark Noel Vera says, his latest work, The Ghost Writer, is no different.

The fact is: Roman Polanski did have sex with a minor, did plead guilty to charges of “unlawful sexual intercourse,” did leave the United States to escape arrest (mind you, these are truths everyone can agree upon, but they are not the entire story – every other aspect of that is still very much in dispute). None of these make him endearing, much less admirable – for every one who remarks admiringly of his wit and charm, you can find one other (at least, maybe more) who will call him arrogant and vain. He is, to put it mildly, an extremely polarizing figure.

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