Taking on Western duplicity and crime is a no-no and Wikileaks recent 400,000 classified US files documenting the Iraq war and the deaths of 66,000 Iraqi civilians at the hands of US, have made the imperial states angry. The secretive states of the US and UK have now branded it a traitor. $ingapore was part of the US Coalition of the Willing that invaded Iraq in 2003 and has remained silent over atrocities against the Iraq people. As commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says, “But keeping the stories hidden was always wrong.”

Bad boy Julian Assange, the pretty, blondish founder of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks was hugely admired when he uncovered oppressors and political chicanery in places like China and Kenya, but now he takes on Western duplicity and crimes. Can’t have that. This spawn of Beelzebub, say our masters, a traitor whose insolence is a crime against the secretive states of the US and UK. Disregard the pique and dyspepsia of officialdom. It is a distraction, smoke from fires deliberately started to stop us seeing what lies before us.

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