This is an excellent new web journal. If you like Counterpunch, Information Clearing House and Alternet, this should be essential reading as well. All the news that fits these days are coming from alternative media. Join their mailing list.

Issue #20 of the London Progressive Journal has been published and can be viewed here:

– Nothing Left to Fight For: The most rightwing government Britain has had since the Second World War does not deserve to be re-elected.

– Ecuador’s President Correa in Conflict with Indigenous Movement: Samuele Mazzolin on why the Ecuaodorean president’s agenda for modernisation and wealth redistribution has brought him into an unlikely conflict with the country’s indigenous groups.

– I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff… : To speak of “natural” disasters is to indulge in a misnomer. Inequality, very much a man-made phenomenon, has greatly exacerbated the human cost of a spate of natural disasters in recent years.

– Students and the Struggle for Human Rights in Colombia: An Interview with Colombian Student Leader Numa Paredes: Campaign group “Justice For Colombia” interviewing Colombian student leader Numa Paredes.

– Who Cares for the Carers?: How privatisation is costing social care workers.

– Venezuela’s Only Contacts with FARC were for Humanitarian Exchange Says Minister: Venezuela’s foreign minister has refuted US-sourced allegations that Hugo Chavez has been financing the Colombian rebel group FARC.