More gore than fright, Takao Nakano’s Sexual Parasite bites where it really hurts – turning a woman’s crotch into a mouth of teeth, making mincemeat out of any male sexual predators. With voluptuous female nudity in tow, Sexual Parasite makes an ideal moveable feast. Stephen Tan reviews.

Sexual Parasite’s premise is an oft-quoted one in horror/sci-fi/speculative fiction hybrids – from The Hidden to Arachnophobia. One year ago… a pair of explorers, Naoto and Sayoko, ventures deep into the Amazon in search of the wormy Aparache no Moge. Capturing the worm, they are confronted by a local shaman who warns them of the dangers posed by the worm which they promptly ignore. Keeping the worm in a styroform box, it however bites through the box and enters Sayoko.

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