Everything’s Turning To Gold (The 12″ Non-Album Studio B-Sides 1978-1998) [Maxi-3, 1CD]

The CD cover note says it all: “This CD is one of six containing all the extended dance mixes as well as all the non-album live and studio tracks released on all the numerous 12-inch singles/Maxi-CDs from 1978 onwards. Happy hunting!”

As far as we are aware, these tracks have all been deleted.

Big round of thanks to Lincoln Park Mark for sharing the tracks.

Thanks also to Philip Cohen who helped to verify the tracks.

Track 01. Everything’s Turning To Gold
Track 02. I Think I’m Going Mad
Track 03. Fancyman Blues
Track 04. Cook Cook Blues
Track 05. I Wish I’d Never Met You
Track 06. Highwire
Track 07. Love Is Strong (Bob Clearmountain Remix)
Track 08. The Storm
Track 09. So Young
Track 10. Out Of Tears (Bob Clearmountain Remix)
Track 11. Sparks Will Fly (“Radio Clean” with the line “I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass” removed)
Track 12. I’m Gonna Drive
Track 13. I Go Wild (Scott Litt Remix)
Track 14. Jump On Top Of Me
Track 15. Anyway You Look At It

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