Boston 2002

Live at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA, December 2, 2002

Next in our EP programme – Guns N’ Roses. When GNR’s Chinese Democracy is finally released (we’ll see it when we see it), it will be the most expensive recording ever – production costs have been reported to be US$13 million – and it will mark the band’s first album of original material since 1991’s Use Your Illusion. Work on the album started as early as 1997, or could have even been earlier.

A visit to wikipedia will show a rough history of the making of the album, especially the songs that were recorded and, at one time, said to be on the album.

As a preview or teaser of the new album, here are three songs that have stayed the distance – Madagascar, The Blues and the title track, Chinese Democracy. While fans had commented that Axl’s singing during the 2002 tour wasn’t that strong, it’s still powerful stuff (reports say he’s back in form now) and the soundboard recording does showcase some impressive guitarwork.

And those early comments are true – Madagascar and The Blues seemed cut from the November Rain cloth while the pointed Chinese Democracy is GNR gone industrial.

Thanks to JellyBelly for sharing the tracks.

1. Madagascar
2. The Blues
3. Chinese Democracy

Click here to download the songs.