When all else fails in Craig Gillespie’s souped-up Fright Night, it’s time to bring in the special digital effects – in 3D, no less, says Critic After Dark Noel Vera.

Remakes are funny things – sometimes they capture what made the original memorable in the first place; more often they don’t, and instead lie there gasping like beached fish. Sometimes they improve on the original, adding something the original filmmakers never dreamed of; more often they hang lengthy, largely unnecessary extrapolations on the original storyline, seriously weighing it down.

Tom Holland’s 1985 debut feature Fright Night was an oddly winning combination of cheesy makeup effects (vampires with extra-wide grins that fit a shark’s maw’s worth of razor teeth) and uncanny on-camera moments (Jerry Dandrige (an insouciant Chris Sarandon) looking at Charley Brewster (a sweet-faced William Ragsdale) from a distance and flashing him a grin).

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