Recovering from the Second Great War, Europe reached for American culture.

Holland 1960 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Kurhaus, Scheveningen, The Netherlands, April 9, 1960 first set. Excellent FM re-broadcast on NPS Radio 4, Nov 10, 2005.

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis was released in 1959.

Giant Steps by John Coltrane was released in January 1960.

While Kind of Blue was the epitome of cool, Miles Davis had a somewhat opposite reputation. A man with a hot temper, a drug habit and a nose for trouble. When he played, as can be heard on this show, it was often melodic and relaxed, like he had expelled all the bad to arrive at this mental state.

Coltrane by contrast played a controversial style – an intense juggernaut of a saxophonist, his was a technical mastery of his instrument. He was shaping what was known among stylists as “free jazz”, fast, stuttering and loud. What Coltrane was striving for was spirituality in his music, a calm at the centre of the storm. A month earlier in Paris, Coltrane was booed by Parisians confounded with Coltrane’s anti-melody stance.

On this brief tour of Europe, the first great Miles Davis Quintet was content in being new, fresh and different, away from a racially changing America and into the arms of Europe. While the police in New York were busy levelling charges against Miles, in Europe promoters and radio producers were colluding to record the quintet to spread the music on the airwaves.

Thanks to jkeisers who shared the show on the net. His version comes from a rebroadcast in 2005. Previous bootlegs are probably from an earlier broadcast.

Track 01. Radio announcer 0:28
Track 02. So What 17:17
Track 03. On Green Dolphin Street 12:31
Track 04. ‘Round Midnight 6:03
Track 05. Walkin’/Bye Bye (theme) 10:19
Track 06. Radio announcer 0:17

Miles Davis (tp)
John Coltrane (ts)
Wynton Kelly (p)
Paul Chambers (b)
Jimmy Cobb (d)

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