A virgin, unmolested version of An American Poet (later renamed Prayer).

Orange County Suite (Document Records DR 019, Italy 1988, 1CD]
1969 sessions plus a live performance from January 1970 in New York. Very good to excellent soundboard stereo. Released in 1988.

When Jim Morrison hired a studio to read his poems, there were no Doors in sight. No bass guitar or piano or lead guitar or drums to highlight his words or create an atmosphere. Just Jim and his words, sometimes in a monotone, at other times adding a thrill here and a melody there. Finally, Jim’s An American Poet reached a larger audience during the first wave of CD bootlegs out of Europe. This was the way it was recorded in March 1969 before it was released 10 years later in 1978 as An American Prayer with input by the Doors. This is the original version as recorded by Morrison.

The other great discovery on this bootleg is the lengthy 21-minute Rock Is Dead edited down from an hour-long session on Feb 25, 1969 during the sessions for The Soft Parade. This version with Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor, a slow classical movement for strings and piano, tagged at the end was finally released in the 1997 4CD The Doors Box Set, so you can buy a copy.

When this bootleg was released back in 1988, it was a great revelation.

01. Bird Of Prey – Omitted +
02. Rock Is Dead – Omitted #
Track 03. An American Poet 24:33m (39.4MB)
Track 04. Orange County Suite 1:42m (2.8MB)
05. The Soft Parade/Light My Fire – Omitted *

1, 3, 4 Jim’s first poetry session, March 1969, LA
2 Recording session for The Soft Parade, early 1969
6 Felt Forum, Jan. 18th, 1970. Late Show

+ Bird Of Prey was finally given an official release in 1995 in the revised version of Jim Morrison’s An American Prayer.
# Released in 1997 on The Doors Box Set.
* Soft Parade/ Light My Fire is also found on the official release 6CD set Live In New York, released in 2009.

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