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Los Angeles 1975 [no label, 1CD]
Live at Starwood, Los Angeles, CA; January 1975. Slight hiss. As a bonus, BBC interview with Tim Buckley.

Tim Buckley was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music and style changed considerably through the years; his first album (1966) was mostly folk, but his subsequent albums incorporated jazz, psychedelia, funk, soul, avant-garde and an evolving “voice as instrument” sound. Though he did not find commercial success during his lifetime, Buckley is admired by later generations for his innovation as a musician and vocal ability. He died in June 1975 at the age of 28 from a heroin overdose, leaving behind his sons Taylor and Jeff, the latter of whom later went on to become a musician as well. Unfortunately, Jeff drowned in 1997 at the age of 30. – wikipedia

Tim Buckley soundboards are hard to come by and this Starwood show is certainly worth a listen though the BBC interview is a real filler.

+ + + + +

Thanks to the person who shared this show on the net in 2006.

Master SBD Cassette > 1st gen  cass. copy > DAT > CDR > Flac

Track 01. intro/Buzzin’ Fly 7:23
Track 02. Get On Top/Devil Eyes 15:18
Track 03. end of set 2:11
Track 04. intro/Night Hawkin’ 9:31
Track 05. end vamp 0:32
Track 06. Dolphins 6:19
Track 07. Sally Go Round The Roses 7:33
Track 08. intros 3:44

Track 09. BBC interview – A 3:04
Track 10. BBC interview – B 3:05
Track 11. BBC interview – C 0:43
Track 12. BBC interview – D 1:51
Track 13. BBC interview – E 1:11
63 mins

Tim Buckley – vocals, guitar
Joe Falsia – guitar
Buddy Helm – drums
Jeff Eyrich – bass
John Herren – keyboards

Click here for the tracks.


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Le Bataclan, Paris Jan 29, 1972 [1CD]
Live at Le Bataclan, Paris, France; January 29, 1972. Very good soundboard.

The Bataclan in Paris, where on November 13, 2015, a group of armed men attacked during a concert and which left 87 people dead, is a venue noted for hosting rock performances. Over the years, it had hosted acts such as Patti Smith, Judas Priets and New Order. One of the most prominent was Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico of The Velvet Underground in 1972.

+ + + + +

Thanks to Beolab1700 for sharing the show on the net.

Track 01. I’m Waiting For The Man 5:20
Track 02. Berlin 5:10
Track 03. The Black Angel’s Death Song 4:26
Track 04. Wild Child 5:50
Track 05. Heroin 6:44
Track 06. Ghost Story 3:15
Track 07. The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group Of All 3:42
Track 08. Empty Bottles 3:01
Track 09. Femme Fatale 4:38
Track 10. No One Is There 4:55
Track 11. Frozen Warnings 4:40
Track 12. Janitor Of Lunacy 6:22
Track 13. I’ll Be Your Mirror 2:20
Track 14. All Tomorrow’s Parties 3:02
Track 15. Pale Blue Eyes 2:01
Track 16. Candy Says 1:38
67 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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Paris 1979 [no label, 2CD]
Live at the Bataclan, Paris, France; May 31, 1979. Very good audience recording.

The Bataclan in Paris, where on November 13, 2015, a group of armed men attacked during a concert and which left 87 people dead, is a venue noted more for hosting rock performances than jazz acts. Some of these rock acts included Patti Smith, Judas Priest, The Stranglers, Hole, The Waterboys, New Order and The Fall. More experimental acts included Can, Gong, Klaus Schulze, Joe Jackson and original Yes drummer, Bill Bruford. In the late ’80s, Bruford had moved away from progressive rock to jazz… or fusion jazz as in this May 1979 show.

+ + + + +

Thanks toPierre M who recorded the show; and to finkployd49 for digitizing, preparing and sharing the show at Dime.

Thanks also to pablodrums for the artwork.

Source: 1st gen audience tape. Direct transfer.
Telefunken cassette recorder and mic > 1st gen tape > Nakamichi Dragon (NAAC auto-azimuth) Dolby off for playback > Zoom H2 24bits/96KHZ > Goldwave v.5.56 for tracks, channel balance, maximize at 90% > 16bits/44.1KHZ conversion > TLH 2.4.1 (build 160) > FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries

Disc 1
Track 101. Hell’s Bells 5:25
Track 102. Sample And Hold 8:05
Track 103. Fainting In Coils 11:37
Track 104. Forever Until Sunday 7:43
Track 105. Joe Frazier 5:19
Track 106. One Of A Kind 11:41
50 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Travels With Myself-And Someone Else 9:52
Track 202. Beelzebub 4:07
Track 203. The Sahara Of Snow 13:09
Track 204. Seems Like A Lifetime Ago 2:16
Track 205. 5G 6:22
36 mins

John Clark – guitar
Dave Stewart – keyboards
Jeff Berlin – bass
Bill Bruford – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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Paris 2015 [no label, 1CD]
Festival les inRocKs Philips, live at La Cigale, Paris, France; November 13, 2015. Very good audio – ripped from HD webcast.

On November 13, 2015, American roots rock band Wolf Alice played at La Cigale in Paris. Fortunately, the venue was spared from any armed attacks. On the other hand, 80 people were reported killed after gunmen burst into the Bataclan concert hall in Paris and took dozens hostage. The siege ended when security forces stormed the building. In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, Billboard reported that Wolf Alice as well as Thundercat and Kamasi have confirmed they’re all safe in Paris. MS MR and Deftones, who were also in Paris, reported they’re safe.

Eagles of Death Metal, the group a sold-out crowd went to see play at the Bataclan Theatre when it was stormed by terrorists, are all fine – but are still searching for some crew members, The Mirror reported. Contrary to conflicting media reports, their representative confirmed to Rolling Stone that there were no fatalities within the band. They said: “We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew. Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation.” The band were reportedly on stage when attackers stormed the Bataclan.

+ + + + +

Thanks to indykid for sharing the Wolf Alice webcast at Dime.

Track 01. Your Love’s Whore 5:01
Track 02. Storms 3:08
Track 03. Bros 3:50
Track 04. Lisbon 3:30
Track 05. 90 Mile Beach 3:49
Track 06. Moaning Lisa Smile 2:47
Track 07. Blush 4:17
Track 08. Fluffy 2:50
Track 09. You’re A Germ 3:15
Track 10. Giant Peach 5:08
38 mins

Ellie Rowsell – guitar, vocals
Joff Oddie – guitar, vocals
Theo Ellis – bass
Joel Amey – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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All Star Jams At The Matrix 1970 [no label, 2CD]
Live at The Matrix, San Francisco, CA; August 4, 1970 and October 21(?) or 24(?), 1970 (however, there is some dispute over the October date). Fairly to very good soundboard.

Thanks to Frogster, 38f, and to petercherman for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Original notes from 2007:

Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Sessions 8.4 and 10.21 1970, Matrix, SF, CA, w, Garcia, Santana, Cipollina, Valenti, Hopkins and many others, SBD, from 1st gen. reel to reel. This comes straight from the John Cipollina’s collection, i personally made a copy of his reel and his notes… I did not touch the sound or edited anything in the trasfer.

+ + + + +

Original lineage:
1st generation reel to reel > revox > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac

Disc 1
Track 101. Rock Me Baby 1:35
Track 102. Stormy Weather 14:47
Track 103. Sunshine Superman Jam 17:33
Track 104. Santana Jam 10:38
45 mins

John Cipollina
Carlos Santana
Dino Valenti
Jack Casady
Jorma Kaukonen
Nicky Hopkins

Disc 2
Track 201. Jam 1 11:14
Track 202. Jam 2 6:20
Track 203. Jam 3 13:01
Track 204. Jam 4 9:04
40 mins

John Cipollina
Jerry Garcia
David Freiberg
Papa John Creach
Jack Casady
Jorma Kaukonen
Nicky Hopkins

Click here for the tracks.


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On November 14, 2015, labour, together with students have organised a mass protest, with the support of farmers, to stand up against corporations and the Korean government of Park Geun-hye. Ms Park is the daughter of former South Korean president General Park Chung Hee who was assassinated in 1979. Here’s the background of the movement by Gregory Elich.

In a climate of increasing repression, the Park Geun-hye government in South Korea is launching the latest in its series of attacks on working people. A retrograde labor reform plan is being set in motion that promises to drive down wages and undermine job security. There is broad and determined resistance to the plan, and workers and farmers are taking the battle to the streets.

The labor reform essentially implements a wish list of measures long advocated by corporate leaders, who hope to see their profits soar as a result. “From the demand side, we should reduce the burden of businesses hiring workers by making the market more flexible,” argues Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan. The envisioned “flexibility,” not surprisingly, is expected to be provided solely by workers.

Click here for the article.


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London 2015 [no label, 1CD]
Radio 2 In Concert. Live at the BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK; November 12, 2015. Excellent FM broadcast.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO will be performing a live set for BBC Radio 2 In Concert on Thursday 12 November at the BBC Radio Theatre in London, presented by Jo Whiley from 8pm.

Jeff Smith, Head of Music, BBC Radio 2, says: “Myself and many of Radio 2’s listeners have been fans of Jeff Lynne’s music and ELO since the early days, and I was so pleased that we managed to finally persuade him out of the studio into Radio 2 Live In Hyde Park last year. Happily he’s agreed to come back this time to our small and intimate Radio Theatre to play those much loved classic songs, plus for the first time anywhere, tracks from the amazing new Jeff Lynne’s ELO album, Alone In The Universe.”

+ + + + +

Thanks to mrbaldy who recorded and shared the show at Dime.

BBC Radio 2 FM broadcast > Harmon Kardon TU980 tuner > TEAC CDRW890 standalone CD recorder > WAV (EAC in secure mode) > FLAC [TLH @ level 8]

Track 01. Turn To Stone 4:26
Track 02. Evil Woman 4:35
Track 03. Showdown 4:37
Track 04. All Over The World 4:21
Track 05. When I Was A Boy 3:36
Track 06. Livin’ Thing 4:30
Track 07. Strange Magic 4:29
Track 08. Don’t Bring Me Down 4:38
Track 09. Steppin’ Out 4:00
Track 10. When The Night Comes 3:44
Track 11. Sweet Talkin’ Woman 3:58
Track 12. Ain’t It A Drag 3:05
Track 13. Telephone Line 5:20
Track 14. Mr Blue Sky 5:40
61 mins

Track 15. Intro/Interview 1:06
Track 16. When The Night Comes 3:15
Track 17. Interview 2:14
Track 18. Turn To Stone 3:58
Track 19. Outro 0:56
12 mins

Click here for the tracks.


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with opening act Michael Stipe
New York 2015 [no label, 2CD]
40th Anniversary “Horses” show. Live at the Beacon Theater, New York, NY; November 10, 2015. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to neil d (nulldogmas) who recorded the show and sharing it at Dime.

neil d noted:

About half an hour before the show, the buzz began to spread through the audience: Michael Stipe would be performing an unannounced opening set. Sure enough, promptly at 8 pm, there he was, sporting what he called his “bear beard” and accompanied by Patti’s daughter Jesse Smith on keyboards and by Athens guitarist Andy LeMaster. The set was short (a little over 20 minutes, which is I think still longer than Michael played at Patti’s birthday show last year), entirely made up of classic(ish) rock(ish) covers – Michael called it a “karaoke version of fractured fairy tales” – and totally wonderful.

Patti Smith’s band, performing “Horses” in its entirety, on the 40th anniversary of the album’s release. (Also the 40th anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which Patti noted at length, but she did not perform the Gordon Lightfoot song.) It was everything anyone could have expected, including guest appearances from opening act Michael Stipe and both of Patti’s children, plus a feedback solo by Patti herself on the encore of “My Generation.”

Sound at the Beacon Theater was as excellent as I remembered from the last time I was there, which had to be 25 years ago. This was recorded from the front of the balcony level, so very little in the way of crowd noise.

+ + + + +

CA-14 cardioids > Church Audio ugly battery box > Line In > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV (24/48), Mixed and mastered in SoundStudio > FLAC (16/44.1)

Disc 1
Michael Stipe (opening act)
Track 101. Old Man (Neil Young) 3:53
Track 102. Venus In Furs (excerpt) (Velvet Underground) 1:53
Track 103. Crying Game (Dave Berry) 3:50
Track 104. People Are Strange (The Doors) 3:03
Track 105. Imagine (John Lennon) 4:55
Track 106. All The Young Dudes (Mott the Hoople) 3:52

Patti Smith
Track 107. Gloria 8:51
Track 108. Redondo Beach 4:57
Track 109. Birdland 9:57
Track 110. Free Money 6:02
Track 111. Kimberly 7:13
Track 112. Break It Up 4:31
63 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Land 16:57
Track 202. Elegie 6:46
Track 203. Privilege (Set Me Free) 5:19
Track 204. Velvet Underground medley (Rock and Roll, Waiting For My Man, White Light White Heat) 8:30
Track 205. Beneath the Southern Cross 10:10
Track 206. Dancing Barefoot 5:58
Track 207. Because The Night 5:25
Track 208. People Have the Power 8:09
Track 209. My Generation (The Who) 10:53
79 mins

Patti Smith: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Lenny Kaye: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Tony Shanahan: bass, guitar, vocals
Jack Petruzzeli: keyboards, guitar, vocals
Jay Dee Dougherty: drums
Jackson Smith: guitar on tracks 205-209
Jesse Smith: keyboards on track 208
Michael Stipe: vocals on track 208

Click here for the tracks.


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Allen Toussaint, New Orleans composer, producer and performer, has died on November 9, 2015 while on tour in Europe, WWL-TV reports. He was 77. Toussaint, an elegant, talented, versatile force, turned out an avalanche of songs that have become a sturdy part of the canon of New Orleans music. He was set to play a New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness benefit concert Dec. 8, with Paul Simon, at Le Petit Theatre. Toussaint co-founded NOAAHH in 1985. He was on a tour in Spain, with plans to play in Belgium, London and Madrid, according to his Facebook page. In addition to playing piano, he composed scores of songs, including “Ruler of My Heart,” “A Certain Girl,” “Fortune Teller” and “Lipstick Traces (on a Cigarette).” The New Orleans-born trumpeter Al Hirt had a hit with Toussaint’s instrumental composition “Java.” In the 1970s, he embarked on a solo career, which reached a high point with the release of his “Southern Nights” album; the title song became a hit not only for him but also for Glen Campbell. –

+ + + + +

New York 1987 [no label, 2CD]
Live at the Bottom Line, NYC, NY; February 6, 1987 (early and late shows). Very good soundboard.

Thanks to lilpanda for sharing the early show at Dime.

sb cassette > dat > cdr > eac > flac

Thanks to goody for sharing the late show at Dime.

SB cassette master > 2nd gen reel > m-audio transit > cool edit > CD wave editor > flac
Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (Pitch Bender +32 cents) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; .ffp)

Disc 1 (early show)
Track 101. Introduction/Fun Time 5:06
Track 102. Brickyard Blues 4:41
Track 103. What Do You Want The Girl To Do? 4:15
Track 104. Instrumental/Band Introduction 11:20
Track 105. With You In Mind 9:32
Track 106. Rockin’ Pneumonia 4:59
Track 107. Mother In Law 4:25
Track 108. Lipstick Traces 2:45
Track 109. Yes We Can Can 6:49
Track 110. I’ll Be Seeing You 1:29
Track 111. The Olde Professor 6:09
Track 112. Southern Nights 4:16
Track 113. Southern Nights Reprise 1:29
68 mins

Disc 2 (late show)
Track 201. Introduction 2:23
Track 202. Happy Time 3:02
Track 203. Shoo Rah 3:41
Track 204. Talk 1:40
Track 205. With You In Mind 4:09
Track 206. Instrumental/Band Introduction 8:45
Track 207. What Do You Want The Girl To Do? 4:53
Track 208. Workin’ In A Coal Mine 4:02
Track 209. Fun Time 5:41
Track 210. Ti-Na-Na 7:17
Track 211. Rockin’ Pneumonia 3:59
Track 212. Mother In Law 3:09
Track 213. All These Things 4:35
Track 214. Southern Nights 5:01
63 mins

Allen Toussaint
Amadee Castenell, Jr – saxophone
Lew Soloff – trumpet
Danny Draher – guitar
Wilbur Bascomb – bass
Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – drums

Click here for the tracks.


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The Santana Secret Tape 1975-1980 [no label, 2CD]
Demos and outtakes. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to the person who shared this on the net.

Santana himself is an avid music collector who is said to have a vault of music for all his favorite artists. In the tape trader community, there is a tape called the “Bob Marley Santana Tape,” which is full of rare 7-inch and b-side singles of Bob and the Wailers.

What is known about this is that it contains many rare Roger Steffens-produced tracks and takes, including a couple live ones, dates unknown aside from 1975-1980.

Rastamon commented at The Traders’ Den: “Note that Waiting In Vain is not really “Live”, just has crowd noise added in. I understand Santana wanted a live version, but none existed, so Roger made this version for him.”

+ + + + +

CD1 and 2 > EAC > 1 track wave > CD WAVe split > Frontend Flac

Disc 1
Track 101. Keep On Moving (Dub Take 1) 7:22
Track 102. Keep On Moving (Dub Take 2) 7:18
Track 103. Marcia Got To Lead The West 3:51
Track 104. Waiting In Vain (live) 5:06
Track 105. Rebel Music (live) 5:45
Track 106. Instrumental 4:08
Track 107. Revolution (Take 1) 4:31
Track 108. Revolution (Take 2) 4:31
43 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Pimpers Paradise (Dub) 3:18
Track 202. So Much Trouble (Instrumental) 3:51
Track 203. Forever Loving Jah (Instrumental) 3:07
Track 204. Bad Card (Version) 3:04
Track 205. Real Situation (Alternate) 5:26
Track 206. Crisis (Version) 3:53
Track 207. Buffalo Soldier (Dub) 4:26
Track 208. Rebel Music (Instrumental Take 3) 7:14
Track 209. Buffalo Soldier (Dub Mix 2) 2:55
Track 210. One Love (Dub Take 2) 2:56
Track 211. One Love (Dub Take 3) 3:50
44 mins

Click here for the tracks.

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